Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi all, 🙂 I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by my fellow blogger The Hinoeuma. Thank you The Hinoeuma for nominating me. Your writings are amazing. I love to read more from you. I'm too late to post this as I was not aware what these nominations are all about. I think this is a kind of... Continue Reading →

Watercolour Landscape | Painting

Hey all, Catch up my latest watercolour painting ! I'm taking time recently to practice more on the watercolour techniques. I've been observing expert paintings and their style. It's fun and I'm loving it. I've made this painting after watching a video on youtube channel 'Paint with David'. It's pretty good channel. Artist David have made... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Michael |#Sketch

Happy Birthday, Michael !! 😃 The greatest entertainer, greatest musician and such a humble person he was. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot through his songs and personality. Only his tracks will stay permanent in my library 😁 Many musicians will come and go, but no one can leave an impact like him ! King... Continue Reading →

Who’s To Blame For The Floods ?

March, 2010 An ecological expert committee headed by ecologist Dr. Madhav Gadgil was set up by Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to suggest methods for preserving the Western Ghats in the best possible manner. The Western Ghats are the hill range in India with tropical forests stretching over 1,600 km parallel to Arabian Sea,... Continue Reading →

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