Hi all,

I made some new changes to my blog. A new title and a new domain. 🙂 http://www.thinkandexplore.com

A few months ago, I started this blog with the name The Daily Reader (thinkandexploreblog.wordpress.com) which focussed on writing about books. I’m now trying to include some other interests of me- #Art and #Musings

While my primary intention is to write my opinions on books (thinking), I’ll also keep posting my artworks and commentary too. In this way, I’d like to explore my creative side.

This inspired me to rename my site as Think & Explore – A Blog of Art, Books and Life ! (www.thinkandexplore.com)

I’m pretty much excited to share these new things. I hope you’ll get used to the new name and new theme of my site.

Thanks for following my blog !

– Mani Ratnam