Aiden Fucci: A Teenage Killer


On Mother’s day 2021, Florida police found the dead body of a 13-years-old Tristyn Bailey, who was brutally stabbed more than hundred times all over her body. 

The next morning the Sheriff’s office arrested Bailey’s classmate Aiden Fucci in suspect of her murder. And the grim details of his heinous crime that was revealed after his arrest left the whole state in shock.

Who is Aiden Fucci?

On May 9th 2021, authorities in Florida arrested 14-years-old Aiden Fucci as a suspect in Tristyn Bailey’s case. And he was soon charged with the first-degree murder by the St John County Courthouse. 

Aiden Fucci is the only suspect in his classmate’s murder case. 

Previously, he was held at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Daytona Beach. However, on May 27 a grand jury secretly met and decided to convict him as an adult with first-degree murder. Since then Aiden Fucci’s case has been carefully investigated by police and Aiden Fucci updates have been the highlights of news reports.

Aiden Fucci Case: First-degree Murderer:

The Florida police found her blood-smeared body in a wooded area near her house after a 16 hours search. Bailey was found stabbed to death. And when the reports came everyone was shocked.

According to the autopsy reports, Bailey was stabbed 114 times. She had thirty-five wounds on her head and neck while others were to her torso, chest, back and upper extremities, the report states.

It was also proved that 49 of her wounds were defensive which means she fought for her life. Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza said, it “would be an understatement” to define this murder as merely “horrific.”

She also claimed that Tristyn was “stabbed so viciously that the buck knife blade broke and stuck in her scalp.”

For such heinous act Fucci was charged with first-degree murder that moved the case from Juvenile justice to adult court. 

How Aiden and Tristyn Knew Each Other?

Aiden Fucci and Tristyn Bailey were friends from school. They both attended Patriot Oaks Academy in St. Johns, Florida.

 According to the witnesses, Tristyn was last seen with Aiden at 1′ O’clock on the night of 9th May. They were coming back from a friend’s party together with a third friend. After this friend parted from them they were left alone and nobody saw Tristyn after that.


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Aiden Fucci Snapchat Video:

The case took a new turn when the next morning Aiden shared an intriguing picture on his Snapchat account. 

Aiden shared a picture of him sitting in a cop car when he was being investigated. He held a peace sign and the picture has a caption which read as, “Hey guys, has anybody seen Tristyn lately”. 

This picture followed by a video from Aiden Fucci’s Snapchat account while he was in the back of a squad car after the police started searching for Tristyn.  “We’re having fun, in a f****** cop car,” Fucci says in the video. 

He also mentioned Tristyn and said, “Tristyn if you f****** walk out the damn.” 

These snaps put Aiden in the suspect list of Tristyn’s murder.

Video Evidence:

During the investigation many pieces of evidence were disclosed and all pointed towards Aiden.

In August, police found a video that clearly shows Fucci walking with Tristyn on the night she was killed. According to the Daily Mail, the video evidence walking towards the wooded area with Tristyn at the same night was discovered from Fucci’s neighbor’s surveillance camera.

The video also exposed that Fucci was running back alone in the opposite direction after supposedly killing Tristyn. 

Another footage that was taken from Fucci’s house shows him later the same night coming back home. He was panting and he had his sneakers in hand.

Crystal Smith-Fucci’s Mother was put in jail:

On 5th June, 2021, Crystal Smith, Aiden Fucci’s mother was arrested for tampering with evidence. 

A shocking video released by the State Attorney’s Office shows Crystal washing off blood from Fucci’s jeans.

At the time when police were investigating Fucci, his mother ran to wash off his bloody jeans which were later revealed by the CCTV footage. She washed his jeans and left them on his bed to dry.

Crystal Smith-Fucci's Mother

After the video was released authorities ran a test on the drain and Fucci’s jeans and it tested positive. That means there were some samples found on the pants and sink as well. And she was then arrested for tampering with the evidence.

Fucci’s father also had a previous record of being involved in many police cases including child abuse. 

Is Aiden Fucci Dead?

Since the videos have been released, Aiden Fucci is being trialed for the first-degree murder of his school mate. Because he is still under 18 the decision of his life-sentence has been delayed till he ages 25. However, Fucci’s case created a storm over the internet, fucci’s supporters also created many fan accounts on Instagram.

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Who is Aiden Fucci? 

Answer: Aiden Fucci is a 14-year-old guy who is accused of stabbing his 13-years-old schoolmate Tristyn Bailey multiple times in Florida.

Did Aiden Fucci go to jail?

Answer: Aiden is now in the juvenile wing of the Duval County jail in St. Johns County. He will be tried as an adult.

How long did Aiden Fucci get in jail?

Answer: Aiden was arrested on 10th May the day after Tristyn was found dead, and since then he has been in Juveniles jail waiting for the final verdict that would come after 25 years.

How long did Aiden Fucci get sentenced?

Answer: According to State Attorney R.J Larizza, prosecutors would seek a life sentence for Aiden when the case would be reviewed.

How Aiden and Tristyn Knew

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