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If you are a true fan of superheroes movies, then you must be well acquainted with the Marvel and DC universe. Everyone loves superhero movies, and one of the best all-time movies is Wonder woman. Today we are going to talk about the same actress’ daughter,
Alma Versano is the cute kid of Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano, we all know Gal Gadot and we are big fans of this Israeli actress. Still, today’s topic is going to revolve around her daughter Alma Versano. She is the eldest and first child of Gal and Yaron.

The interesting fact about Alma Versano is that even though she is a child of celebrity Gal Gadot; still, she has not made any official visit to the film industry yet. She has not signed up for any big project, and even though she had wanted it, she could have done it. But Gal Gadot has kept her away from the films and media.

Alma Versano:

Alma Versano is kept away from the film industry, and she is not as known to the public as any celebrity child. The major reason could be that she was not in her public headline or any news when Gal Gadot was pregnant.
This was unlike her other daughter Maya who is the younger sibling of Alma Versano. She made quite a headline when Gal was pregnant with her, and that is why she is known in the industry more.
When Gal Gadot was busy in her shooting of Wonder Woman, she was also pregnant, and that is why it drew everyone’s attention. News reporters made headlines, and Maya was in those news ways before she was even born.

But that is not the case with Gal Gadot Alma Versano; she at that time did not have any work; she wasn’t working on as big a project as a wonder woman.
However; here is an interesting story about her. She has acted as a voice-over artist in the Angry Bird 2 animated movie. She was selected for one of the hatchling characters in the film. Also, for the record, she is just studying in third grade. She was born in 2011 November, and her sister Maya Versano was born in 2017 March.
And now we can be assured that in the future she will definitely get some big projects, but for now she is not part of the film world. But as a fan of Gal Gadot, many people want to see Alma Versano in some upcoming projects too.


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Gal Gadot and Yaron Versano:

Alma Versano is the first child of Yaron Versano and she is a hybrid of both European and Jewish, who is a real estate developer. Both are loving and caring parents, and they also love each other quite much. They even met under pleasant circumstances. They met at a party and soon they started feeling inclined towards each other and thought of getting married in 2008.
Even though they have an almost ten years of age gap, they love each other and are happily married. They both rejoice with their family, and Gal Gadot also uploads her photos to the Instagram handle of Alma Versano.

Also, Yaron and Gal had quite a romantic relationship, after some time Yaron proposed to Gal on his knees and it was quite romantic. They soon thought of getting married; Yaron already had told her that he would marry her after almost two years, which he did and kept his promise to marry her. They married in the David Intercontinental hotel. They both got married on September 28 in 2008.

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Alma Versano Net Worth:

As we know, Alma Versano is just a little kid, so she is totally dependent upon her parents. The net worth of Alma Versano would be only what her parents have. We do not have any data to confirm how much she was paid for her movie Angry Bird 2 voice acting, and we also do not know if she has got paid at all.

Net Worth of Yaron and Gal:

The net worth of Gal Gadot is around $10 million, and also her husband is earning quite good as a real estate developer. We do not know much of the side earning of the couple, but what we do know is they had a splendid boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. The couple decided to sell this restaurant to a person named Roman Abramovich, and they closed the deal for $26 million.

 Alma Versano

Alma’s schooling:

Currently, Alma Versano is studying in third grade. However, she is quite intelligent for her age and that explains why she got a chance to play one of the hatchlings’ roles in Angry Bird 2. We cannot see or tell much about her schooling. But we have her Instagram, where her mother Gal often puts her photos related to her schooling and other memorable moments.

Her mother also shared that she did not think her schooling would be like this; she talks about how Alma’s schooling is different from other kids, as she only has to stay home and attend virtual classes. However, on the other hand, Alma seems very happy about her online classes despite the fact that her time zone is different from her school time. Another interesting fact is that the Grandmother of Alma is also a teacher. Her Grandfather was an engineer, and he also was one of the holocaust survivors.

Alma and Maya’s birthday:

Alma Versano is seven years old; she is the elder sister of Maya. Alma’s birthday comes in November. And her younger sister Maya was born in March 2017, which makes Alma 4 years older than Maya. Both Alma and Maya are indeed sweet kids, and they have been learning about ethics and moral values since their childhood. Her mother makes sure they have a good education.


  • Alma Versano born in 2011 November
  • Maya Versano Born in 2017 March
  • Alma is in third grade.
  • Gal’s net worth is $12 million.
  • Gal Gadot and Yaron had a restaurant worth $26 million.
  • Alma’s Grandmother is a teacher.
  • Alma’s Grandfather was an engineer.
  • Alma’s Grandfather was a holocaust survivor
  • Alma has her voice in the Angry Bird 2
  • Gal Gadot Wikipedia 

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