An exquisite memoir about Veibae’s Life


Veibae is a female English UK-based Vtuber. She is an independent vtuber. Veibae is a popular English vtuber in the Japanese community. Her twitch streams are marked as 18+ only. She has translated clips of 1500,000 views. 

Do you wondered how veibaes face looks? Usually when she’s streaming she uses an avatar. Her avatar sports a pair of horns. Sometimes she switches her avatar to another too. 

She has a thick accent which is judged by the audience. People think veibae is English. The UK residents are usually teenagers and in their twenties from her Twitter photos.

Veibae’s face reveal was eventually leaked on the internet. Veibae is also called ‘Vei’ by her friends. She hasn’t shared her details on social media but she’s known as vei. 

Veibae is pretty active on social media platforms. She is the most popular vTuber in Japanese society. 

Let’s get into the article to know more about veibae’s face: 

Real/nickname: veibae.
Birth Date: 10 December.
Profession: Twitch streamer.
Nationality: British.
Famous for: streaming on twitch.
Age: 25.
Horoscope: Sagittarius.

About Veibae:

Veibae is described as champion, magician, and a degenerate who barely showers. veibae often discusses inappropriate topics and bullies her chat. She is an enormous meme maker. 

She is a succubus. veibae is known for her singing, her craziness, and her high-pitched voice. veibae is an independent streamer who now has joined an agent too. 

veibae usually drools over food videos and loves to eat and stream. She has a bear in her 2D model and is frequently drunk on the chat. 

Veibae is a professional streamer. She has made a name for herself in Veibae face reveal by hosting several videos on twitch. As veibae’s real face hasn’t been revealed so there’s not a claim or any evidence that this picture is of her. 

It is said that veibae face was revealed on Twitter but some of her followers claimed that she had plastic surgery. On the other hand, people assume that women look like others but no one knows whether it’s real or a rumor. 


Veibae has long white hair, pointed ears, with blue eyes. She has a pair of horns, dark red in her 2D model and black in her 3D model. Her origin outfit was a pink jumpsuit but she wears several types of outfits. 

She changed to a Japanese-style school girls’ outfit and then to a maid outfit. At her 2D debut, she showed off a black-white costume. 

Moreover, She has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 55kg. 

Personal life:

Veibae lives at her home with her family. She usually complains that her family members drank all this beer. Her brother came on the stream and gave her a beer with the phrase ‘What’s Up weebs?’ 

Veibae married silvervale in a final fantasy XIV ceremony officiated by nyanners. She considered proposing snuffy as she was interested in nyanners. And anyone who buys her merch. Veibae is good friends with a myriad of other Vtubers. 

Takahashi is a hololive fan of veibae. Both have been rigged by Keffy. She has a popular card trick she enjoys showing off. She has two cats and a dog named PMC. Veibae is half polished from her mother’s side and frequently speaks polish. 

Veibae has a supportive brother. She hasn’t revealed any details about her personal life. No one has evidence that she had revealed her identity. She calls herself Kiara’s step sister. 

Veibae was made into a family gathering of western plummet. She hasn’t revealed any data related to her personal life. She just posted a photo on twitter. 


Veibaes twitch account was created on 25 July 2015. Veibaes popularity increased in 2020 from 3rd July as a Japanese YouTuber Shinji made a series of videos about her. Her following grew from Japanese quickly. 

Veibaes’ YouTube channel is used for streaming highlights. And was created on 4th May 2020 with her first video being updated on 8th May.

On 23 September she announced an upcoming live 2D model with a unique succubus outfit. It was about to release in December. But her Live2D got delayed until final year and her final outfit would be different. 

Veibae’s relationship status:

Thomas Chance Morris dated veibae. He is known for his online alias sodapoppin. The pairs were uncovered to date recently after they drew nearer ok stream towards the last option to end in 2021. 

With a brief length of the relationship, both have to deal with a maelstrom of episodes and keep on major areas of strength for remaining.

Thomas Chance Morris dated veibae

She also likes to stay away from rumours and focus on her career. There were a lot of rumours and controversy spreaded against Veibae but she hasn’t focussed on that. 


Is veibae guy or a girl? 

Veibae is a female English vtuber based in uk. Initially she was an independent vtuber and she joined vshojo. veibae is a succubus. Veibae is also popular in Japanese vTuber community. 

Why do people want to see the faces of Vtubers?

People want to see the faces of VTubers Because they use an avatar and they don’t do normal streaming so the people are curious to know who the person is behind the camera.

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