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We know many celebrities who are commonly known by whom they got married, and Juana Ahumada is one of those celebrities. Today we will be talking about Juana Ahumada’s life and discuss some amazing facts.
Juana Ahumada was born in America in 1982, however; we cannot tell her exact birthplace, since it is not quite known to the public. She is around 40 years old and she is rocking the media because of her unique personality and outlook, she is also greatly admired due to the physique she has.
You might also feel surprised to know that Juana Ahumada has Mexican American nationality, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Let us shed light on Juana’s life.

Juana’s life journey:

Juana Ahumada did not pursue her career in media; in fact, she started getting significant fame when she married one of the famous Mexican singers, Pedro Rivera. You will be quite surprised to learn that she used to work for him as an assistant.
Juana Ahumada

She continued working for him for almost 8 long years. And that is where they started developing relationship-like feelings. They started dating and in 2019 they finally decided to tie the knot and got married. Even though they had quite a difference in age, yet they were happy about their relationship and they live happily, as they are in love with each other.
People who love Pedro Rivera definitely look forward to knowing about his life and his wife too. But we do not have much information on the internet. We cannot tell many things about her such as her horoscope, siblings, and other things. But according to reports she belonged to a noble Mexican family.

Juana’s Husband:

Juana’s husband Pedro Rivera is not only a singer but also a good actor, they got married in 2019 in California Huntington Park, and they only invited family and close friends to their wedding ceremony. Even the fans did not learn about their marriage any sooner. They kept the marriage as their secret for a couple of months, and after a while, Pedro revealed his spouse name in one of his shows.

This is also to note that this was not Pedro’s first marriage. He had previously married Rosa Saavedra, and he has 6 children from her. Juana Ahumada is currently leading her life quite happily with her husband Pedro Rivera along with 6 children of Pedro. Although she is the stepmother of these children, they still get along well.

Children Name:

  • Jenni Rivera
  • Rosie Rivera
  • Juan Rivera
  • Pedro Rivera Jr
  • Gustavo Rivera
  • Lupillo Rivera

Juana Ahumada Net Worth:

According to the media, all her assets came from her assistant job, and also worked for 8 years, which helped her save money for herself. According to some reports, her estimated wealth can be around $400k to $500k.
But that is just an estimated figure and might not exactly be accurate. We cannot exactly tell as she is not very active on her social media, so getting insights of her personal life is rather hard.
People also wonder if she is involved in any other activities, such as business. But sadly there is not much we can tell about her. She does not have any official social media handles. Many people assume that her husband is the only reason why she is in the news sometimes.
Aside from that, the public also knows that she has some other earning sources but she has not disclosed it yet, but she has managed to earn and is safe enough to lead a luxurious life.

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Pedro Rivera’s life:

Pedro Rivera is a great singer; he is also working as a producer and writer. He has gained notable fame through his songs. He has appeared in many shows. Some of his great Mexican shows are:

  • Clave Privada
  • Escape Sanguine
  • El Financial de Hierro 4Pedro is about 78 years old, and in one of his interviews he was asked about the age difference between him and his wife, however, he ensures everyone that they are happy together. A lot of people also accuse Juana that she only married him for his money. But who are we to say that when they are happy together, and everyone should respect that too.
    But unfortunately, there are many people on social media who roasted Pedro’s wife for this, but also there are many positive-minded people who appreciate them and wish them well.
    juana Ahumada

Juana’s physical appearance:

Juana Ahumada is a beautiful woman; no doubt her outlooks and personality are quite fascinating. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and she weighs around 55Kgs. She has maintained her good looks, and despite being in her 40s, she looks young.

Some facts about Juana Ahumada

Juana Ahumada is best known as the wife of Pedro Ahumada but that is not just it about her, she also has been a former secretary of Pennsylvania. Not many people know this about her because she has served as a former secretary.
She used to work in the education department, and she was also nominated by the governor of Pennsylvania in June 2015. Moreover, this is not just it; she also had a chance to work as a superintendent in a school which was in the district of Lancaster. There was also a point when she became famous, not quite, but she earned a good reputation.
Juana Ahumada has Holly and Narcissus as her birth flower, and she is now leading a happy life. She is also the step-grandmother of 14 children, and she has 7 great-grandchildren.
Juana’s stepdaughter Jenni Rivera died in December 2012, she died in a plane crash. Another interesting fact about Juana Ahumada is that she is younger than her stepson Lupillo Rivera.
Juana Ahumada has ideal height and weight, according to her weight which is around 62 Kg her height is good. Her height is 5’ feet and 5” inches, which suits her and she looks good.


Pedro’s second marriage raised many questions among fans and it became a hot topic for everyone, especially the shows. When Pedro told people about his marriage many shows invited him as a guest for the interview.
And in one of the shows namely A New Day, Pedro and Juana were invited. The show is also famous by the name “Un Nuevo Dia”. In this show, the host asked many questions, especially from Juana, as people wanted to know about their marital life.
Juana stated that she likes Pedro as he has a kind nature, and he has an extreme passion for the work he has. And also she stated that she loves him because he does not give up very easily, and he respects everyone.
Pedro too stated that he does not want to repeat the mistakes he made before, and now he is more open-minded and likes to go straight for the things he wants in his life.

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