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Erin Angle; Wife of famous actor Jon Bernthal


Erin Angle; Wife of famous actor Jon Bernthal

Erin Angle was born on 14 February 1976 in Pennsylvania. By a profession she is a nurse, but that is now what she is mainly known for. Her mother’s name is Cindy Abbondanza Angle and father is Mark Angle.

She is best known as the wife of actor Jon Bernthal. Her husband is quite popular in the entertainment business, having starred in a number of popular television and film roles such as;

What is Erin Angle’s Wealth?

Erin Angle’s net worth is believed to be over $2.5 million as of 2020, while she earns a nice living from her employment. she almost certainly benefits from her husband’s success, as Bernthal’s net worth is reported to be more than $8 million.

On 25 September 2010 Erin and Jonathan were married. According to some reports they were already dating before getting married. Despite marrying a celebrity she desired a low-key wedding. They married privately in Potomac Maryland Alma Becker. It was Jonathan’s teacher who led the wedding.

Erin Angle's Wealth

When Erin’s pregnancy was revealed and Jonathan was asked about the baby’s gender. He graciously declined to comment and stated that he would only reveal the gender with Erin’s permission. Henry was born in August 2011 and Billy was born in January 2013. Adeline is the daughter of Erin and Jonathan who was born in February 2015.

Both Erin and Jon Bernthal are still happily married and have three children. Although Erin usually avoids the film industry and limelight which is associated with the film industry. Still she is Jonathan’s big admirer.

Jon Bernthal’s wife has always been a strong advocate for her husband’s career. Erin elected to stay at home with her children so that Jonathan could concentrate on his work. Erin and Jonathan previously owned a Venice home which they later on sold for $2 million, according to report.

Tough period for Erin and Jon

There is rumour that Jon Bernthal’s wife and Jon had a tough period in their relationship early. Jon took Erin to see Willie Nelson perform; he had secretly snuck in and written a letter to Willie Nelson on a beautiful postcard explaining. That his wife is a very good hearted woman and. That they are going through some difficult times and that their favourite couple song is Always On My Mind.

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Who is Bernthal Jon?

Jon Bernthal was born in Washington D.C on 20th September 1976. He was raised by Jewish parents Joan Lurie and Eric Lawrence Bernthal. Jon Lawrence’s father Eric Lawrence was a partner at Latham & Watkins LLP Murray Bernthal, and his paternal grandfather was a musician.

Jon Bernthal has two brothers;

  • Nicholas Bernthal (Orthopaedic surgeon)
  • Thomas Bernthal (Cardiologist)

Jon attended Sidwell Friends School in Maryland, this is also where he grew up. He attended a limited length of time at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York before dropping out, on the recommendation of his teacher Alma Becker. Later Jon joined Russia Moscow Art Theatre. He spent his time in Russia as the catcher for a Russian professional baseball team.

He is most recognized for his roles as;

  •  Brad in The Wolf of Wall Street
  •  Griff in Baby Driver
  •  Brax in The Accountant
  •  Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead
  •  Frank Castle on Netflix’s Daredevil action series

Erin is extremely understanding of Jon’s hectic work schedule and unpredictable schedule, which is a good thing for him.

Erin’s Life as Child Her Education and Career

Erin grew up in Pittsburgh and set her sights on a career in medicine from a young age. She enrolled in Indiana University of Pennsylvania after graduating from high school. That is where she pursued a degree in nursing. After earning her degree in 1998 she began working as a trauma nurse at Georgetown University Medical Centre.

She later continued her education enrolling at the University of Southern California to earn a master degree in anesthesiology; specialising and broadening her skill set would result in a significant income boost.

Erin Angle Careere

Erin also worked as staff of South California Hospital while pursuing her master’s degree. She continued to work in the trauma field but finally left after marrying Bernthal. Erin devoted her time to assisting her husband and raising their children in the background.

Bernthal transitioned to television after acting in over 30 productions featuring in guest parts on shows such as;

  •  How I Met Your Mother
  •  Boston Legal
  •  CSI Miami

Career success of Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle are currently living very happily, and you can consider them the most living couple. Jon began a streak of highly successful film ventures in 2013. He worked on Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and also on Brad Pitt’s Fury. Where he received critical acclaim for his performance alongside the rest of the cast.

In 2015, he co wrote and co-starred in the film Sicario which received multiple honours and contributed to his ever growing portfolio. He was cast as a recurring character in the Netflix series Daredevil in the same year. Portraying Marvel Comics’ The Punisher. His performance was lauded, and it resulted in the creation of a spin off show titled after his character.
Jon Bernthal

Despite their success. Netflix’s Marvel series were eventually discontinued. Following the show’s conclusion he returned to film demonstrating his versatility in serious parts and indie film ventures.

In 2019, he portrayed business magnate Lee Iacocca in the film Ford v Ferrari. Which chronicled Ford’s foray into the racing world in an attempt to dethrone Ferrari’s success.

 Profile: Erin Angle Bernthal

  •  Name: Erin Angle Bernthal
  •  Erin angle wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Bernthal
  •  Erin angle instagram: @ jonny bernthal
  •  Age: 45 years
  •  DoB: 1977
  •  Profession: Nurse
  •  Height: 163cm
  •  Father: Mark Angle
  •   Mother: Cindy Abbondanza Angle
  •   Husband: Jon Bernthal
  •   Children: Henry Bernthal (August 2011) Billy Bernthal (January 2013) Adeline
    Bernthal (February 2015)


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What ethnicity is Jon Bernthal?

Jon Bernthal was born in Jewish family which makes his ethnicity Jewish. He was also raised by his family.

Who is Johnny Bernthal married to?

John Bernthal married Erin Angle; she was born in 1976 in Pennsylvania.

How much money does Jon Bernthal make?

Jon Bernthal is a very famous actor, and he has played quite famous roles too. His most admired role is as Punisher. Also he worked in Daredevil. This success and roles helped him to earn around $350,000 for one episode. Also his working in heist made him around $1.6 million.

How tall is Jon Bernthal?

Jon Bernthal is a tall man. According to reports his height is 1.8 m.

Is Tom Bernthal related to Jon Bernthal?

Jon Bernthal is brother of Tom Bernthal, Tom is a marketing CEO and also he has worked as NBC producer.

Who is Erin Angle?

As a professional Erin Angle is known as a nurse, but she is widely recognized as a wife of Jon Bernthal.

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