Everything You Want To Know About Vanessa Villanueva


Table of content:

1) How she met Chris Perez
2) Married life
3) The acting career of Vanessa Villanueva
4) Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth
5) Her Present Life
6) Things you didn’t know about Vanessa Villanueva.

Everything you want to know about Vanessa Villanueva

We all have heard of Vanessa Villanueva, and if you have not heard of her yet, it is about time you get to know her. Vanessa Villanueva is a well-known American actress. She has played a part in many famous characters, such as; Forgotten Memories, Memphis Rising, etc.
However, this is not just about Vanessa Villanueva; many controversies and other astonishing facts are lying behind, and today we will talk about it.
Many people recognize her as the second wife of Chris Perez, who is also known as one of the great guitarists in America. Let us shed light on the life of Vanessa Villanueva.


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How she met Chris Perez:

Vanessa Villanueva was born around 1971; she was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. As for her primary education, she went to the University of California in Los Angeles after graduation, but her exact early education is not entirely known to the public.
Many people also wonder how she came in contact with Chris Perez. As we know that Chris Perez has had a relationship with Selena, and in the beginning, they also faced challenges, as Selena’s dad was not quite in favor of the idea of them getting married.
Chris Perez

However, after their marriage, they led a happy life, and later on in 1995, when Selena was killed, it affected Chris Perez inside out, and he became a victim of drugs and alcohol. And that is where one of his friends, John Garza, introduced him to Vanessa Villanueva.
It went pretty well for both Chris and Vanessa; they began dating and eventually married in 2001. Later Chris Perez formed a band of his own to continue in the music industry. Not only increased their fame, but also they had significant growth in their net worth.

Married life:

Although Vanessa and Perez had a love marriage, they could not build a strong relationship. Perez had his first album, namely resurrection, which earned him a Grammy award for best Latin rock. But their personal life did not go quite well.
They finally decided to part ways and have a divorce in 2008.
Even though they have two children, and everything seems perfect, one of the main reasons people infer is Chris could not forget his first wife Selena, and despite marrying Vanessa and having children, he could not give her the same place.
And she must have realized that he cannot stop thinking about her or can’t let go of the past. Later on, Chris Perez even released a book, namely “To Selena, with Love.” The book became famous in no time and received a lot of encouragement and criticism.

Chris and Vanessa have two children, and their daughter’s name is Cassie Gabrielle Perez. She is in touch with her parents, both Mother and Father. And even after their divorce, she keeps posting stunning photos on her social media.
Chris Perez’s wife gave birth to two children while they were married. In 1998, the couple had their first child. Cassie Gabrielle Perez is their daughter’s name. She works at Massage Envy as a Medical Aesthetician.
Cassie lived with her mother when her parents divorced. Despite this, she continued to spend time with her father, Chris. She frequently shares amusing photos on Instagram.

The acting career of Vanessa Villanueva:

Vanessa did not let herself down after divorce; instead, she chinned up and decided to pursue her career in the acting field. She joined the entertainment industry and kept trying to act, and the good part is she eventually achieved what she tried for.
And finally, her first work can be seen in 2011, namely Memphis Rising: Elvis return. Marv Z Silverman directed it. Her acting career uplifted her fame, and she started gaining a reputation. She also remained a member of electrical system contractors; she dealt with it as a union electrician.
And in 2015, she starred as Gaby Valdez in the Forgotten Memories series. Moreover, she also set up a nail salon and private spa business in Portland, Texas; this added to her fame and helped increase her net worth.

Vanessa Villanueva Net Worth:

Her exact net worth has not been disclosed, yet some reports show evidence of some amount. As of now, she has an estimated net worth of $100k to $500k. Also, running a nail salon and spa business in Texas is earning her excellent sum; it is a growing business for her, and apart from the film industry, she spends her time there. Also, her ex-husband Chris Perez left her some assets that she is good with, but being a businesswoman and belonging to the media, she secures her present and future quite nicely.

Her Present Life:

Vanessa Villanueva had finally moved on from her ex-husband; as of now, she is again married. Vanessa is now married to Henry Soliz, with whom she was in an affair. And in February 2018, they got married. They are staying in Portland, Texas, and also, according to reports and their daily life glimpses, they are doing pretty good; her fans are pretty happy to know that.

Things you didn’t know about Vanessa Villanueva.

Most of her fans do not know that she is now 50 years old; she has maintained herself quite well and still looks relatively young for her age. Her spa’s name is V’s Day Spa, located at 605 8th Avenue Portland.
Most people also do not know that she is a professional beautician. Her day spa provides many services such as; manicures, waxing, pedicures, nail arts, scrubbing, and much more.
As much as her fans know she does not quite like to make her life public, she enjoys peace and wants to spend it privately. She also does not have too many social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, And the existing ones are not official. So most of the things she does are not very public.

In a Nutshell:

Height: In centimeters: 170 cm, In feet and inches: 5.7
Weight: In kilograms: 56 kg, In pounds: 122 lB
Born in: 1971 in Corpus Christi Texas
Education: University of California, Los Angeles
Net worth: $500k to $100k
Major movies: Forgotten Memories. Memphis Rising
Ex-Husband: Chris Perez, songwriter, and author
Current Husband: Henry Solis, former LAPD officer
Children: Two, one daughter Cassie Perez, son Noah Perez,

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