Find out about Manon Mccrory Lewis: Daughter of Damian Lewis


If you are into celebrities’ news then I guess you already have heard of Damian Lewis. Damian Lewis full name is Damian Watcyn Lewis who was born in 1972 in London. But today we are not going to talk about Damian Lewis; in fact our article will be about her daughter Manon Mccrory Lewis.

However; if you are wondering about who Damian Lewis is then let us first talk about him for a while. Damian Lewis is from England and he is a nice British actor, he is also known for his red hair, which has become his trademark somewhat. Also his American accent was the most talked about thing back then.

Damian Lewis also became famous for his US Army officer; he played Major Richard Winters in HBO, band of brothers. This not only got him fame but also he was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Damian Lewis about his wife:

Damian Lewis indeed opened up about his wife Helen Mccrory, it was a tribute on Times. She is recognized with a good name, everyone regards her with respect and as someone who spreads happiness.
Damian Lewis
He also opened up about what his wife Helen said to two children before she died. Her two children are Gulliver and Manon aged 13 and 14 respectively. Damian Lewis said that his wife Helen left the children Gulliver and Manon early, as she should not have died, but her children are prepared for the life ahead of them.

His children are fearless and full of wit and courage also    Damian Lewis says she filled us with courage and not with fear. She also said to her children that do not be sad as she has lived the life she wanted to.

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Manon’s Wikipedia:

Manon was definitely born with the silver spoon, since she is the daughter of famous British actress Helen Mccrory, she has departed and is no longer with us.  She had around 45k followers, and also her videos got viral especially the one with a lips sign. as well as Tik Tok videos
Manon Mccrory Lewis

Her mother dies at 52:

It was a shock for everyone, and especially it was hard for Manon Mccrory that her mother passed away, she is no longer there for her. The death was caused by cancer, she could not beat the cancer.

It is understandable that it might get hard for Manon Lewis to carry on without her mother Helen, after all mother’s stay is everything. Yet on the other hand we know the statement made by Damian Lewis that they are almost ready to face the world, his children are ready too. And also we hear the statement Manon’s mother made as advice for her children.

Manon’s Lewis siblings:

Manon’s official birthday comes on 18 September. We do not quite know what she does but she is very famous for being known as the daughter of late actress Helen. She was born in 2006 this means she is only 16 years old in 2022.

Also we can imagine how hard it was for her at such a young age. She was quite close to her mother. Manon’s father is also an actor, and he has also won many awards, especially the Golden Globe award.

Even though she is a daughter of a famous actress, she likes her private life quite much, she attends the movie premiers but not often. So she is seen at film functions and awards occasionally. Her sibling Gulliver was born in 2007 November, he is the younger brother. They are staying in London and they are also seen around another home near Sudbury Suffolk.

Children and media

This would be a surprise to hear that these children Manon and Gulliver are not allowed to participate in movies or get into the limelight for now. They are even restricted from using computers. So you will not find them on social media so much.

Also in an interview in 2015, the couple said they do not allow their kids to use social media so much as they fear it will make their kids less expressive. So, they have about a 10 minutes rule to use it. Still, Manon has around 4000 followers on her social media handle.

Helen’s last appearance on TV:

It is very saddening for the fans to notice that when Helen last appeared on TV it was her last show. She did not let her down due to her severe illness. She also encouraged people around her, especially her family members. One of her last quotes states: “I want Daddy to have girlfriends, lots of them, you must all love again, love isn’t possessive, but you know, Damian, try at least to get through the funeral without snogging someone.” Her best movies were;

  •   Harry potter
  •   Peaky blinders

How Helen started:

Helen was born in 1968, on 17 August. This actress first started off her career on stage. She had performed in many theatres. And she also participated in one of the featured films namely The Queen. It was a TV project.
Helen McCrory

She started gaining success and eventually made her place in many other movies such as; Harry Potter blood price Sky fall doctor who etc.

In a Nutshell:

  • Damian Watcyn Lewis was born in 1972
  • Helen was born in 1968, 17 August
  • Manon’s birthday is 18 September
  • Manon Lewis is 16 years old
  • Manon’s brother name is Gulliver Lewis
  • Kids are kept away from the limelightRead more about:- 1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy Salton’s life



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