Here is why you need to switch with magnetic sunglasses now


If you wear prescription glasses and still you have not heard of magnetic sunglasses then now is the time. Magnetic sunglasses can really make your life easier, and ensure you enjoy quality life without having to move to and fro. Your life can stuck between your pair of prescribed glasses and the one that you might want to wear in sunlight.

So that is why you would require two glasses at least, but not when you are equipped with what we call magnetic sunglasses. So, let us find out more about what magnetic sunglasses are and how we use it.

What is a Magnetic Sunglasses?

Clip on magnetic sunglasses are the pair of eye glasses, but the best part of these glasses is you can clip them on to your regular prescription glasses, so basically you do not have to have two different glasses at the same time, you just manage one glasses and extra pair of glasses that would protect you from heavy duty sunlight.

That extra pair of glass can be placed right on the top of your glasses frame, and due to being magnetic they are attached very easily, so you would not have to stick them hard like you would fit ordinary glass, that is the beauty of magnetic sunglasses.

The frame is made in a manner that it would support the glasses, it has magnet attached and when you place the glasses near, they just get attached easily. There are a lot of benefits of having magnetic glasses over a regular one. Let us explore a few advantages.

Also, there are different types of magnetic sunglasses;

  • Rimless
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Round and more!

Top 5 Benefits of Magnetic Sunglasses

There are many benefits, since this type of sunglasses is a new model, and it comes with many advantages if you compare it with previous old models. We will see some basic benefits.


Eyeglasses with magnetic sunglasses are not very expensive; they might seem they are fancy so they must cost you too much. But this is not true. A very good quality frame might be costly, but that would be because the frame has good build quality, and not due to the fact you are buying magnetic sunglasses. You can purchase it in cheap prices, and that is why it is still under budget.


This being said, flexibility is the most important thing which will keep you happier most of the time, since you would not have to replace eyeglasses, your life would be so much easier and you get flexibility to do things your way.

The magnetic sunglasses would not require any extra effort to manage two sunglasses at the same time. So, if you are driving you can simply keep them on and also stay safe from the sunlight.

UV protection:

Just like any other sunglasses, magnetic sunglasses would also keep your eyes safe and sound. UV light can affect eyes quite much when you stay out for long time, especially when your eyes have to focus for long period.

The quality of magnetic sunglasses would be the same, and you would not have to find any other quality grade glasses, just buy a good pair of clip sunglasses and you are ready to go.

The glass also protects your eyes from glare, and bright light, the UV light will reflect off of the surface, keeping your safer.

What makes Glasses Shop unique?

Glasses shop offers you a wide variety of different magnetic sunglasses. We have all types of frames that would suit your face, and all of them are of superior quality.

We also keep affordable frames that you can purchase under $20, if you are running low on budget then you can buy those frames and enjoy your time driving, swimming, sunbathing, playing out on field, or doing any other activity  that you love.

We also have a unique policy that lets you return the eye glasses or magnetic sunglasses within 30 days. If somehow you are not satisfied with your glasses and want to exchange or even return, you can do that…

Our glasses provide you with;

  • High quality glass
  • UV protection
  • Affordability
  • 30 days return or exchange policy
  • Anti-glare
  • Wide variety
  • Best frame build quality
  • Fashionable and trendy designs

Make sure to visit our website to see our full collection. We have new stock on website, and we update our stock every now and then, currently we have updated stock.

You can select your favorite glasses and contact us, or directly place your order if you want to order a frame.

We also provide 1.50 single vision lenses for FREE, use code “FIRST FREE”. Contact us to know more! And we will reply as soon as we can.

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