Here’s Why OpenSea is the Perfect Way to Start Your Digital Asset Journey


The world of NFTs holds something for everyone. Developers ensure that a wide range of platforms are available so that the contemporary NFT aficionado is nudged in the right direction.

While the top apps, the best wallets, or the latest marketplaces are accessible to serve the NFT journey, it is important to note that one always needs access to a super-fast internet connection to keep themselves updated with minute details of this eclectic hobby!

Why not utilize an internet service like any one of the spectacular Mediacom Xtream packages and enjoy a glitch-free jaunt to the world of NFTS!

How Does One Know Which NFT Platform to Trust & Which One to Stay Away From?

This is tricky, especially since NFTs are quite pricey and no one wants to make a costly mistake by trusting the wrong platform or mobile app. It has been estimated that the present NFT market has successfully crossed the $40 billion mark, which is a milestone for aficionados everywhere!

Which NFT Platform to Trust

Interestingly, around $10 billion and more, worth of NFT sales take place every other week, which is due to the nifty mobile apps that make the entire trading process easy, short, and quick, without any hassle obstructing the rapid flow of NFTs.

This article focuses on the OpenSea Marketplace, an NFT platform that aims to serve NFT aficionados optimally, especially since competition is tough and there are a gazillion options available today.

A Bit About OpenSea

Although the past months have been buzzing with news on the latest blockchain gaming endeavor, the world has now focused its attention on Ethereum Blockchain. Developers are keen to indulge and explore the potential for game design(s) based on such idiosyncrasies. Some facts about OpenSea are as follows:

    • OpenSea is one of the largest NFT wallets
    • Although OpenSea’s initial version was designed for CryptoKitties, it has since then evolved
    • It soon began designing an Ethereum-positive marketplace that supported various kinds of blockchain apps and games
    • OpenSea can be considered like a Swiss Army Knife. For these platforms allows developers to design and create all sorts of games and apps without the need to learn specialized programming languages or even deal with the standard blockchain modus operandi.
    • This gives developers the freedom to work on a diverse range of NFT projects in emerging or new markets per se, without the need to acquire the latest tech first
    • This platform was founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah, who is also considered the first NFT billionaires in the industry.
  • Being no longer a CryptoKitty-focused concern. The company has rapidly expanded into a sphere where work is done on several kinds of digital assets. This commonly includes the likes of art, music, domain names, and related items, among others

What Features Sets OpenSea Apart from Others?

OpenSea’s popularity continues to surge. Here’s why designers, traders, and collectors prefer this fantastic platform. Some notable features of OpenSea are as follows:

Features Sets OpenSea

A Freemium Marketplace

One of the attractive features of this platform is its pricing structure, which is virtually free for all new users. This awesome selling point is further elucidated by the fact that OpenSea is subscription-free. Moreover, this is a great place, especially when one is beginning with NFT-based platforms. However, the marketplace does charge 2.5 percent on each fee paid for every sale made in the marketplace. Which is surprisingly on the lower end, in comparison to other platforms.

Keeping this straightforward structure in mind, the best part is that there are no annual/monthly or even membership fees! An important thing to note is that if any individual or third party asks for any kind of fee or charge. Immediately report the scam(s) to their customer service. Who will take prompt action against all such swindlers.

Stellar Customer Support Service

OpenSea’s Customer Support deserves a full five-star rating for they are adept in their responses. And aim to facilitate users, both old and new, in a fairly quick manner. It’s quite similar to the exceptional service support expedited by Mediacom customer service, which ensures that target customers never even have to suffer from the occasional glitch! However, there is a difference. Unlike Mediacom, OpenSea does not have a hotline.

So if customers have any queries or are stuck anywhere in their NFT journey, they have to email the support team. Who will then promptly get back to them! With no hotline specified on the website, customer service hours are also not specified so one can contact OpenSea Customer Service at any time during the day. Nonetheless, one will only find immense praise for the spectacular job. That the service support is lending to customers all across the globe.

The Gifting Featurette

Another spectacular feature that further makes OpenSea stand apart among the pool of choices in the industry is its gifting option. For instance, if a user wants to gift an NFT to a loved one. Then they can do so via the gifting option available on OpenSea. All they need is the Ethereum address of the specified wallet. After which the trader is expected to collect the asset from the said developer. Who can then add it to the existing list of NFTs.

But that’s not all. Users can make NFT-based transactions, regardless, of whether the trader holds an account. Or not. If in the affirmative and they do hold an account on the respective platform. Then they can send the NFT directly via the OpenSea account.

Wrapping Up

While OpenSea is highly recommended to users interested in NFT, it’s ideal for anyone to earn a decent living. Whether one is an artist or a gaming enthusiast, one can sell NFTs and earn generous profit in return. The diverse range of product categories on this marketplace ensures. That one can create or design new NFTs as they like for the market range is large and diverse. In addition to this, beginning the NFT journey with OpenSea is an experience like no other! The aim is to improve user experience and OpenSea succeeds in this. 

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