How to Create Perfect Product Packaging? white mailer box


Product packaging is available in various materials, colours, shapes, and sizes, making it difficult to choose the right one. This post will discover how to choose the best product packaging for your business. A white mailer box is best packaging for every product.

Packaging is more than just protecting a product. It is one of the best strategies for brands to stand out from the rest and is a powerful marketing tool that introduces the brand, highlights the best features, and gives the customer a memorable experience.

Your product packaging for mailing can be a white mailer box or one with an amazing design and prints based on your target audience. It is possible to create a scenario where customers are so impressed with the packaging.

Create Perfect Packaging for Your Product

When you realize that the packaging is an attractive advertising piece for your product, which is displayed next to the customer on the shelves, it is clear that there is no room for mistakes. When creating your product packaging, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Imagine the packaging considering the product you want to sell.

Box Dimensions

The most effective packaging looks beautiful and fits the product perfectly. When you think about the size of the box, it will help you to imagine how the product will be placed in the package. If your item is massive or has a unique shape, you may need the help of a custom packaging solution instead of using bulk or default choices.


Specific products demand a little extra attention during shipment.


When your item is weighty, it is crucial to choose the materials designed for strength, such as corrugated boxes.


Certain kinds of products, especially ones made from ceramics, glass or other fragile materials, will require packaging inserts or padding to increase security.

Things to Consider

It isn’t a good idea to create attractive but non-sturdy packaging to lose its shape or become damaged before it is delivered to the recipient.

Items with a long shelf-life and distinctive after a lengthy period require particular care. A top-quality print finish can help. Impact on the shelf is equally essential when selling products in stores.

Take note of the following points when ordering product boxes:

What will the product look like when placed next to each other and on top?

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

However, if your product is to be sold online and then shipped, you must check the packaging. Additional space may be inefficient because the item may be moved, or the package may be bent.

Where Can I Order Custom Boxes?

There are many reputable packaging companies available online, depending on your location. If you are a US resident, you should choose Rush Custom Boxes for your product packaging needs.

Why are Custom Boxes Most Useable for Marketing?

Custom boxes are made to your specifications, so these boxes are perfect for marketing your brand or product, as you can print these boxes with your logo or artwork.

Target Your Audience

Before you start the design process, you must collect data about your target audience to make the packaging that can be a voice for them. Customer characters can help you determine everything from what gets your customers’ attention on the shelves and what kind of packaging material they prefer.

Does the product target women, men or any other gender? Are they for young people or adults? Is it aimed at those who are environmentally conscious? Those on a tight budget or a lot of money?

Elderly products may require larger fonts. However, products for customers with a state-of-the-art lifestyle should include products that convey a sense of luxury.

e commerce packaging

Common Product Packaging Types

The best package for your product depends on many aspects. For example, packaging for small items will be different from packaging used for more oversized products. Here are some of the most popular types of packaging and a selection of the most commonly used applications.

SBS Paperboard Boxes

SBS paperboard boxes are incredibly versatile. As they can be printed with the highest quality images and text. These boxes are usually used for packing small items such as cosmetics,. Pharmaceuticals and other products sold in retail stores.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are a great option if your product is bulky, fragile or heavy or you have to bear the pressures of direct delivery to the consumer. Corrugated linen flute glued on the flat surface of the cardboard for extra durability and shock absorption. Corrugated boxes are commonly used to pack electrical equipment.

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons, typically composed of paperboard, can be the ideal canvas to print custom color logos or branding messages and other designs.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are the next generation of paperboard boxes that are next-level paperboard. They are made from high-density paperboard that’s four times stronger than regular paperboard. The price matches their high-quality rigid boxes are usually used to pack higher-end products.

Poly Bags

Polybags are constructed from a thin and flexible sheet of plastic. Consumer items can be stored in these bags without risking damage since they can be compressed without harm.

Create Distinctive Product Packaging

Your packaging and product are among the best ways to connect with potential customers and impress your existing customers. A cardboard box could be a communication channel and even a silent salesperson, while companies strive to connect and delight their customers. A well-designed product packaging can attract the attention of consumers’ attention, earn you a place in their shopping carts, and then gradually build a brand reputation.

Tips for E-commerce Packaging

 Are you completely unfamiliar with e-commerce packaging? Here are some easy tips to follow to begin packaging the products you sell in online stores.

Today’s world of technology and e-commerce has led to various companies that sell products online. Packaging is not just the means of getting your product from one place to another. For companies, packaging has become the only way to communicate with their customers.

Here, we’ll provide tips for presenting your e-commerce products and creating a memorable first impression on your potential customers.

Analyse Packaging of Multiple Companies

Sometimes, working with an empty canvas can be a challenge. Look at the packaging of certain brands you like and note the parts you love. It could be the style or the product placement; consider these when designing your packaging.

Packaging Type(s)

Choose the packaging you’d like for your products in online stores.

Corrugated mailing boxes are ideal for shipping to e-commerce and subscription products.

For instance. If you sell a collection of cosmetics and require them to be packed in one box and shipped out. Mailer boxes are the ideal choice because you can pack and then ship the products all within one box. Mailer boxes are like pizza boxes in that they can be opened and can provide the durability and strength that will ensure that your box will not be crushed in the shipping.

Consider using rigid two-piece boxes and magnetic closure boxes for something more lavish to get more luxurious packaging. These boxes make an excellent partner for high-end items like jewellery or technology. However, keep in mind that it’s generally costlier to ship these boxes from the supplier to you or your warehouse.

Shipping Boxes

It’s now time to plan the best way to deliver your goods. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to add your address, your customer’s address and any customs labels outside the packaging to ensure that it’s safe for shipping. Here are some suggestions to consider when packing shipping boxes:

Do you not need additional packaging? Make use of a corrugated shipping box not just to store your items but also to ship them!

Do you need you had an extra box? You can make use of a shipping box or a corrugated mailer box to use a box-in-box packaging method. So, all the customs and sender labels are placed outside the box, and the boxes inside are protected.

Measure Product’s Weight and Size

It’s time to find the specifications you need for your packaging. Use a scale to weigh your goods. Some companies may want to know this information to decide on the best packaging design and materials. It’s essential to make sure that your packaging can support its weight. Your product’s weight is vital to know as it can influence the shipping costs you charge to your customers.

Determine the length, width, and tallness of your product(s). Or is too small where your product isn’t even able to fit.

Create your Packaging

Your packaging design will catch your customers’ interest. The box you decide to present your products can be an ideal storyboard to explain your story and convey your beliefs. Here are some ideas to think about:

What is the first impression you want to make with your packaging? You could choose a non-cluttered design that includes the logo and product name. If you sell food, you may want to list the ingredients. There are many options.

What kind of unboxing experience do you want to offer your customers? When your customers open their boxes, what will they find inside? You may want to consider adding a mark outside of your box or adding a handwritten note.

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