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Zaya wade was born as Zion Malachi Airamis wade. Zaya wade is the child of the former national basketball association football player name as Dwyane wade and siohvaughn lunches. 

Zaya wade is loving, passionate, and smart. Her parents are proud of her. She is transgender but believes it and doesn’t feel hesitant telling this truth to others. 

His parents were divorced in 2007. Dwyane’s son was Zaya wade. Afterward, his father Dwyane married actress Gabrielle Union in 2014. He was the middle child. He has one elder brother Zaire and two young siblings Xavier and kaavia.
Dwyane married actress Gabrielle Union

Wade considered being transgender at 11 in 2019. Her family feels hesitant to reveal his gender due to concerns about the negative response. As she grew older she understands herself and recognized herself as a transgender. 

Wade legally changed her name to zaya wade later. She has a successful career. She represented the Miami heat for a long time. She won three NBA championships. 

Zaya wade is proud of her being a trans girl and so is her father. She is also a model and social media influencer. She educates the trans community and her father once said in an interview she is the dictator in their home. 

  • Position: Co-owner.
  • League: NBA. 
  •  Born: January 18,1982 age (40)               Chicago, Illinois, US
  • High school: Harold L. Richards (oak lawn, Illinois) 
  • College: Marquette (2001-2003) 
  • Playing career: 2003-2019
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Gender: Transgender


Dwayne Tyrone Wade is an American former basketball player. Wade spent his 16 years professionally playing for the Miami Heat of the national basketball association (NBA). Wade has also been considered Miami’s all-time leader in points, games, assists, steals, shots made, and shots were taken. 

After a successful career in college basketball with the Marquette Golden Eagles, which led to the final four in 2003. Zaya wade was inducted fifth in the 2003 NBA by the heat. 

Dwayne Tyrone Wade

Here, Wade led the Heat to their first NBA championship and was named the 2006 NBA finals MVP. In the 2008 summer Olympics Zaya wade led the Redeem team to conquer the ground by helping them win a gold medal in the United States men’s basketball team. 

In 2008-2009 Zaya wade won the NBA scoring title by winning 2386 points and 30.2 points per game. Zaya wade was selected for NBA all-star game MVP in 2010. Wade won back-to-back championships in 2012-2013 with LeBron James and Chris Bosh and helped guide Miami to four consecutive NBA finals in 2014. 

Zaya Wade left Miami and started playing for the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers from 2016 to 2018 before leaving his playing career with Miami and retiring with the Heat in 2019. 


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Personal life:

Zaya wade was the second child of jolinda and Dwyane wade in Chicago On January 17, 1982. Jolinda was the second wife of Dwyane Wade and had two children before. Jolinda was Zaya wade’s mother.  The couple got separated when Wade was four months old. When his parents got separated, Jolinda was given custody of two children. Jolinda struggled with drugs for a long time and she was in and out of prison.
zaya wade’s mother

Wade turned to basketball and football avoiding temptations of drugs and gangs. Wade credited Tragil as guiding him to the righteous. On October 14, 2001, as Wade’s basketball career blossomed, Jolinda vowed to turn her life around. She hasn’t used drugs since 2003. 

Zaya wade made her debut as a trans girl in 2020 and has become a popular girl in the transgender community. Dwayne Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade revealed this to her parents at the age of 12. Zaya wade was recognized as a transgender at the age of 12 and had an attraction toward boys. She knew about it when she was 8. 

Moreover, let’s get to know about Zaya wade’s surgery. She didn’t have her gender surgery. She lived by her identity. In March 2020 she attended the truth award in Los Angeles. As she likes boys she considered herself a straight trans. The 12-year-old walked the red carpet alongside Dwyane Wade and union wearing custom-made outfits. 

Zaya wade to understand herself when she grew up. At 12 she wanted to be recognized as her/she. Zaya wade’s real name was Zion Malachi Aramis and later adopted Zaya as her real name. She studied at sister canyon and later became part of the cheerleading crew. She didn’t have her surgery to become a girl.

Dwayne Wade's daughter Zaya Wade

Her mother is also an American popular personality who works as a public speaker, counselor, and author. Wade’s parents started dating during their school times and got married in 2002. Zaya has a brother named Zaire. 

Zaya also played in various schools named Mount Carmel High school, Monteverde academy, and American heritage school. Wade holds American nationality and belongs to the afro American ethnicity. 

Player profile:

Wade was recognized as a shooting guard who could play the point as he did during his rookie season. He was one of the quickest and most difficult players as well as the best slashers in NBA history. Wade rated first in free-throw attempts per 48 minutes in 2004–05 and again in the 2006–07 season. Zaya wade was an unselfish player. After winning the award for the NBA finals MVP award in 2006 wade developed a reputation as one of the league’s premier clutch players. 

David Thorpe who runs NBA players was an athletic trainer who cited Wade’s post-up game as one of his strengths. Wade was best known for converting his difficult layups with larger defenders. His style drew concerns over the dangers of playing in this manner. Wade hurt his knee and his wrist after mid-air collisions with larger players. 

People recognized Zaya wade as an inspiration. She was once selected as one of the advocates for women of the year and as root young futurists as a black individual who works to improve the world. Wade has a successful profile. She works as an influencer, player, and inspiration for the community. 


  • Got 3 times NBA champion in 2006, 2012, 2013
  • NBA finals MVP in 2006 
  • NBA scoring champion in 2009
  • NBA all-star game MVP in 2010
  • Won 13 times NBA all-star in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2019
  • 8 times all NBA; first team: 2009, 2010 

       Second team: 2005, 2006, 2011

       Third team: 2007, 2012, 2013

Zaya wade has a boyfriend with whom she shares pictures on Instagram and announced to the world she is in a relationship now. Wade is known for her bisexual fashion and boldness. His family respected her decision to go in public. At age of 11, she came out as a lesbian to get a family. 


Is Zaya Wade Dwyane Wade daughter?

Yes, Zaya Wade is Dwyane Wade’s daughter.

Is Zaya Gabrielle Union’s biological daughter?


Who is the mother of Zaya Wade?

Siohvaughn is the real mother of zaya wade.


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