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Interesting facts about Librarian Sarah Ziolkowska’s life


Sara Ziolkowska is a Canadian librarian who got the limelight when she married a famous comedian and actor Nathan fielder. The role she got as a librarian was to circulate collection and resource materials for faculty and staff. Also she helps students understand concepts of digital literacy. 

Sarah was Nathan fielder’s ex wife. Things were going fabulous between Sarah Ziolkowska and her significant other until money came between them. Ziolkowska’s marriage sets an example that love and family is more important than popularity and cash. 

Sarah Ziolkowska’s spouse Nathan fielder divorced her in 2015 after getting fame. Sarah Ziolkowska’s age is 40 years old now. 

Nathan fielder


Moving forward to Nathan fielder’s net worth. He has a net worth of $4 million. The comedian and actor was a well known personality. 

Let’s dive into the article to know more about Sarah Ziolkowska, her divorce with Nathan fielder, and her fame story: 

  • Name:  Sarah ziolkowska 
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Eye Color: light brown
  • Zodiac sign: virgo
  • Nationality: American 
  • Ethnicity: white 
  • Profession: librarian 
  • Husband: Nathan fielder 
  • Weight: 56 kg 

Sarah ziolkowska’s career: 

Sarah Ziolkowska started as an educationist. While running her masters program at Dalhousie university she interned at W.K Kellogg health sciences library between 2008 – 2009. Her priority as an intern then was to make information literacy webcasts while assisting students with their research work and daily academic activities. 

After graduation she secured a job as a teaching assistant at her postgraduate alma mater, Dalhousie university where she carried on teaching and research for two years. She later moved to Park century school, Culver City, California, to work as a librarian and reading specialist. 

She has remained in the education system since then while rising in the ranks. In 2015 she obtained a Wilson reading system certification. Sarah has gained experience in reading intervention programs while teaching the Wilson program to disadvantaged students. Besides she works part time as a youth librarian at halifax north memorial public library. 

Sarah Ziolkowska’s personal life: 

Sara Ziolkowskas was born in the USA somewhere as her real date of birth and place is not found. She has an American identity and has white nationality. However the data identified about her is still absent. 

As we move forward to discuss hee schooling she started studying at university of Toronto and applied for science BASc psychology from 2002-2007. Afterwards she joined Dalhousie university and took admission for master of library and information science. 

Moreover, Let’s talk about her wedded life before her significant other turned into a sensation and what turned her into bad. Her tale of marriage will surely motivate you to know your responsibilities in life and family. 

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Sarah ziolkowska marriage:

She met her ex husband in 2007 and traded promises with Nathan fielder who was a well known comedian and TV entertainer. The couple Nathan fielder Sarah ziolkowska met in 2007. They turned out to be friends as they resembled many things. 

Afterwards they started going out for dates, films, and supper which made them the best companions. Nathan fielder likes to be accompanied by this beautiful lady so he inquired as to whether she wants to be his date. Sarah didn’t reconsider it as she was feeling equivalent towards the Nathan fielder so they went out. 

Here Sarah became indivisible. They couple didn’t want to live without each other. So finally Nathan fielder proposed to her sitting on his knees with a ring in his hand. She said yes and they became a couple. 

After dating their love got further. Luckily Nathan’s profession took a wide turn making himself a worldwide sensation in comedy. Sarah was glad for her significance until he began to decline things. 

Sarah ziolkowska fame:

All things considered everything was okay Nathan got increasingly mainstream and began avoiding home. Nathan’s visits, shooting, and meetings gave him another character. He turned into a symbol in satire. 

As he got into the spotlight his relationship with individuals got worse. He began ignoring her loved one and won’t meet her. His self image was more than his affection. Sarah couldn’t resist the way he started treating her. She realized Nathan was not the one. 

Things got bad when they chose to live independently and they both decided to part ways. They chose to have legal separation in 2015 referring to having conflicts as the reason. 

On sixteenth April their Nathan fielder divorce Sarah. The separation happened in Los Angeles at the Stanley Mosk courthouse. 

Sarah ziolkowska and Nathan fielder’s Divorce:

After their separation Nathan fielder the joke artist lost his interest. He even said the time after their divorce was overwhelming to the point it looked like a disease. The things he said were tricky to consider so he demolished his marriage. Though they have spent the best time of their life being together. Ignorance came in between them and destroyed their relationship. 


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Sarah Ziolkowska’s age? 

Sarah Ziolkowska’s age is 39 years old as of 2022. In 1983 Sarah was born on 12th May and got sign Taurus. 

Nathan fielder Sarah ziolkowska? 

She was the ex husband of Sarah. Nathan was a comedian, actor, writer, director, producer, and entrepreneur. He divorced Sarah after getting fame in the industry. Sarah Ziolkowska got the limelight after marrying Nathan as he was a well known comedian. 

Nathan fielder Sarah ziolkowska

Sarah Ziolkowska’s spouse?

Nathan fielder was sarah ziolkowska’s spouse. He’s the ex husband of ziolkowska who divorced her after getting fame and money. 

Nathan fielder divorce? 

Five years later he divorced her ex wife Sarah ziolkowska. After he started achieving his goal and getting fame he started ignoring her wife. Which resulted in their divorce. 

Nathan fielder’s ex wife?

Sarah Ziolkowska was Nathan fielder’s ex wife. She was a librarian and got into the limelight after tying her knot with his ex husband Nathan fielder. 

Sarah Ziolkowska wiki? 

Sarah Ziolkowska is a librarian by profession. She lives in America and was born somewhere in the USA hee real date of birth and place is absent. Sarah got married and later got divorced to Nathan fielder. 

Nathan fielder net worth? 

Nathan Fielder has a net worth of $4 million. she co created, wrote, directed, produced, and starred on Nathan for you which aired on Comedy Central. 

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