Interesting Things You Need to Know About Wylda Rae Johnson


Wylda Rae Johnson may not be the first celebrity child to receive massive attention. She is famous for being the eldest kid of an iconic British couple. Her father, Aaron Taylor Johnson, also known as Alex Taylor Johnson is a well known English actor. Sam Taylor Johnson, her mother, is known for her work in photography and filmmaking. 

Let’s learn more about her lifestyle in this article. 

Wylda Rae Johnson Profile 

  • Full Name: Wylda Rae Johnson
  • Date of Birth: February 7, 2010
  • Birth Place: United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British
  • Father: Aaron Taylor Johnson
  • Mother: Sam Taylor Johnson
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Current Relationship Status: Single
  • Age: 12 years

Who is Wylda Rae Johnson?

Wylda Rae Johnson was born in London on July 07, 2010. Her zodiac sign is cancer. Her parents surprised the world by getting married while having a big age difference. Sam Taylor-Johnson was 45 years old at the time of her birth. Aaron Taylor Johnson was only 20 years old when he became a father for the first time. 

Read below to know Wylda’s age siblings education career parents and net worth.

Wylda Rae Taylor-Johnson Age

She is a famous 12 years old young teen. It is hard to believe that a kid has got so much attention, but it’s not because of herself. As a kid of a famous couple, her personality is known all over the world. However, her pics are hardly available on the internet.

Aaron and Sam Taylor Johnson Kids

Wylda’s mother Sam was first married to Jay Jopling. They both tied the knot in 1997. After that, they become parents for the first time. Angelica Jopling was born on April 24, 1997. 

In November 2005, they were blessed with a daughter again. However, their marriage came to an end in 2008.

Sam got married once again but this time with someone younger than her. His name is Aaron Johnson. They were blessed with two daughters. One is Wylda Rae Johnson, and the other is Romi Hero Johnson.

According to this timeline, Wylda Rae Johnson has three siblings.

Sam Taylor Johnson Wylda Rae Johnson A Role Model For Her

Wylda’s mother, Sam, is a strong woman. She has survived cancer two times. In her hard time, Sam did not leave a stone unturned while raising her daughters. She gave the love of a mother to all her daughters. For Wylda, Sam is a role model. 

Her parents also faced criticism of their marriage due to a huge age difference. Despite the criticism they faced, Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson didn’t let any ill effect on the upbringing of their daughter.

Sam and Aaron keep Wylda’s early school name a secret to ensure her safety and privacy.

Wylda Rae Johnson Career

Wylda is still a 12 year old child.Iit’s too young to start a career. She hasn’t started her career till now. However, she is studying in secondary school. It’s much time for Wylda to choose her career.

Wylda Rae Johnson Education

Wylda Rae Taylor Johnson is studying in an elementary school. However, her school name is still unknown. Her parents have chosen to keep it a secret for private reasons.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Net Worth

Wylda Rae hasn’t started her career till now. It’s obvious that she doesn’t have any kind of net worth. However her father Aaron, is an English actor and has a net worth of 16 million dollars. 

Moreover, Sam, Wylda’s mother, has also earned a handsome amount of money. She is a photographer and British filmmaker with a net worth of 20 million dollars. 

The whole Johnson family’s net worth is around 36 million dollars.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Instagram

She doesn’t have an account on any social media platform. Wylda Rae Johnson is just 12 years old. She is very young to operate an account on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

However, her celebrity parents can be found on Instagram. Her father, Aaron, has an account named @aarontaylorjohnsson. He has 333 thousand of fan followers on the platform.

Moreover, her mother, Sam, has an account named @samtaylorjohnson. She has 195 thousand of followers on Instagram.

Wylda Rae Taylor-Johnson

It is not wrong to say that Wylda Rae Johnson and her father, Aaron Taylor Johnson, have a good bonding with each other. However, the pics of these two are hardly available on the internet.

Wylda Rae Johnson’s Marital Status

The 12 year old young teen is single now. It’s a very young age for a relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Does Sam Taylor Johnson Have Children?

Sam Taylor Johnson has four children. She had two daughters, Jessie Phoenix Jopling and Angelica Jopling, from her first marriage with Jay Jopling. 

After her second marriage with Aaron Taylor Johnson, Sam was blessed with Wylda Rae Johnson and Romi Hero Johnson.

What Are The Rumours About Aaron Taylor Johnson?

Rumors are spreading that Aaron Taylor Johnson is getting divorced from Sam Taylor Johnson. These rumors spread after Aaron sold his house in Hollywood hills, where he used to live with his wife and daughters. 

Fans are sad to hear of the split of the couple. These are only rumors. In reality the couple is not splitting.

In 2021, Aaron sold his family home for 7.5 million dollars. The sale of his family home left people in shock. Thus, resulting in fake news of divorce.

Neither Aaron’s wife has commented on the matter yet nor Aaron. There is no evidence of this news, so it’s hard to believe they are getting divorced.

What Are The Active Social Media Platform Accounts of Wylda Rae Taylor Johnson?

She has no social media account, as she is only 12 years old. However, you can see her latest updates on her parent’s social media accounts. 

Sam and Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Instagram account has already been mentioned earlier. Follow the accounts to get the latest updates about Johnson’s family.


Nothing much is known about this famous kid. We have written all the things we got to know about her in this blog. We will get updated with time to tell all the latest happenings about Johnson’s family. 

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