Is Winning a Block Puzzle Game Dependent on your Luck?


The Block Puzzle is an excellent game known for offering stimulation and relaxation. It is a mind game inspired by the classic game of Tetris. While the design, background, and themes have undergone massive changes to appeal to the new-age gamers, the premise remains the same.

The primary objective is to clear horizontal and vertical lines by strategically placing the blocks on the game board. Unlike Tetris, the pieces no longer fall from the screen’s top but appear on the bottom as packs of three. Players get three pieces at once, and they have to decide where to place them before they can get three more, and that’s how the game goes on.

Another significant difference between the Block Puzzle matches of today and Tetris of yesterday is they are fast-paced, time-based matches. Today, players can compete against random online opponents for a place on the leaderboard, and the sessions last for five minutes. The countdown timer is pretty intimidating, and having to beat another player within that time takes the competition to another level.

Most players wrongly assume playing Block Puzzle online and winning the matches is based on luck. The element of luck is connected with the uncertainty of what kind of block pieces will appear on your screen. Except for this, the entire game is based on skills and strategies. Randomly placing block pieces and hoping you will win isn’t a strategy that will take you far. You will get stuck and give your opponent an undue advantage to score higher than you.

So, now that you know Block Puzzle isn’t dependent on your luck, skills, and hard work, learn these strategies to augment your winning chances.

1. Start Placing the Blocks from the     Corners and Keep the Center of the   Board Free from Chaos

The center of the grid must be empty for as long as possible. If the center gets crowded, you’ll get stuck even before the game has begun. Therefore, you must start placing the block pieces from the four corners of the game board. It will help you to remain in the game for as long as the timer doesn’t end.

2. The Square Piece Deserves your   Attention

Don’t take the square piece lightly. It doesn’t get rotated and must be placed as it is. That’s why it is a notorious piece and can be a game-changer if you forget to leave space for it. It may arrive without warning, and your match will end if you don’t leave room for it on the grid. Likewise, you will lose if you don’t accommodate the square piece. So, remember to be careful when you are playing a match and always be mindful of this particular piece. 

3) Focus on Clearing Multiple Horizontal   and Vertical Lines

The objective is to score higher than the others, which cannot be achieved by clearing single lines. You need to earn bonus points to beat your opponent’s score. So, do not focus on clearing single lines but remove multiple ones simultaneously. These will fetch you points and give you a winning chance.

4) Do not Dump Anywhere on the Grid

Don’t dump the blocks anywhere on the grid. The placement is critical as it determines whether you will win or lose the match. While maintaining speed, you must strategize to clear as many columns and rows as possible.

Dumping blocks anywhere without a proper plan will entangle you in the middle of a chaotic situation. It might be hard to get out of this situation within five minutes, and if you miss out on placing any of the three blocks on your screen, the match ends. 

5) All your Moves must be Planned 

In association with the previous point, you must plan all your moves. Do not get nervous about the ticking timer, and don’t start mindlessly dumping the blocks on the grid. It will end your game before the timer runs out. Therefore, you must constantly analyze the grid and anticipate the blocks coming your way. Then, place them accordingly so you can remain in the match for five minutes. 

Besides these, you must reduce distractions when playing an intense 1V1 match or participating in a 1VN tournament. You can win lucrative prizes and rewards and see your name on top of the leaderboard. It is critical to turn off your phone alerts so you can fully concentrate on the match and not get distracted by a WhatsApp text or a work email. 

Wrapping Up

These tips will help you master the Block Puzzle game quickly, and you will become a pro. You must work on honing your skills, observing other players, and learning from your mistakes if you want to keep beating your score and beating opponents. Luck doesn’t have much role to play when a match starts. Yes, you may not know what blocks will appear on the screen, and you can pray to the spirits to shine their light on you, but even the most accommodating block pieces won’t help you if you get the placement wrong. Therefore, the placement is the game-changer, and can even make you win a losing game. 

So, start playing practice leagues to learn the rules and sharpen your skills. Once you are confident, participate in multiplayer tournaments and win cash rewards. However, check the state’s laws and regulations regarding cash games before paying the tournament entry fee. Best of luck! 

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