Kazembe Ajamu Coleman: Everything You Need To Know About Him


Have you heard this before, behind every successful daughter there is always a truly amazing father. Well, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Zendaya’s relationship is a practical example of this. Kazembe is the proud father of her superstar daughter, Zendaya. Besides being his father, Kazembe has worked and is still working with Zendaya as her manager in recent years. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Family

The unconditional love of Zendaya for her family has made her parents equally famous. He has shown his immense care and love towards events and social media. 

However, Kazembe is much more than just a father. Let’s see what made him so successful. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Birth And Name

According to Zendaya’s birthday wishes for her father, Kazembe was born on February 10. He took his first breath in the area of Oakland, California in 1960. His mother belonged to Nigeria and his father belonged to Macedonia and Iceland. Hence, he is of three different ancestries. 

His birth name was Samuel David Coleman, but later he changed his name to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. This transformation of the name was to reflect his African ancestry. His current name combines two different words. Kazembe means, “An Ambassador”, while Coleman means, “Godlike Strength”. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Profession

He had achieved so much in his life. He was an excellent and passionate gym teacher. The dedication of Kazembe to his profession made him an inspiration for her daughter. However, after seeing Zendaya’s dreams he left his profession as an instructor. He started working as her manager and bodyguard. 

His belief and support towards her aspirations made her this successful. Moreover, paparazzi have spotted him accompanying her multi-talented daughter at various events. Currently, he has this bio on his Instagram handle which says, “CEO, ETA, 5Tre The Blade. KZC Inc. Mgr Consultant, Performance Coach, Music Producer.” This implies that Kazembe is doing much more than just being her daughter’s manager. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Education

Kazembe got his elementary education from one of the local schools in his birthland, Oakland, California. Afterward, he was admitted to a high school again in his hometown. He graduated from high school in 1978 with good grades. Later on, he proceeded to a private university in California to get his bachelor’s degree. From that university, he did a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physical Education with the class of 1982. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Personal Life 

Kazembe’s personal life is not very complicated. However, there are certain facts that you should know about his personal life including his relationships and kids. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Relationship 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman remained in a relationship for a long time with Claire Stoermer. They even welcomed Zendaya before 12 years of marriage. This shows their passionate love for each other. However, the couple got divorced when Claire filed a divorce case against Kazembe.


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At that age, their daughter was about 8 years old. Their daughter’s full name is Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. The couple has always inspired Zendaya. Moreover, besides their divorce, they had always seen supporting Zendaya everywhere. Apart from being Claire’s husband, Kazembe had another wife from whom he had 5 children. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Bonding With His Kids

Kazembe has 6 children in total 4 of them are daughters namely, Kaylee, Katianna, Annabella, and Zendaya, while two of them are sons namely, Austin and Julien. He is a very caring and loving father and is seen showering immensely on all his children. Her relationship with Zendaya is an ideal father-daughter bonding and shows how good a father he is.  

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Body Facts 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman age is 62 years, not much to be a less handsome man. With outstanding body measurements, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman height is 6 feet 2 inches approximately 1.88 meters. However, having a healthy and fit figure makes him weigh 43 kilograms which are approximately 97 pounds. He has brown-colored attractive eyes and black colored hair which he often wears in dreads. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Ethnicity

Kazembe’s mother being a Nigerian citizen was an African. On the other hand, his father belonged to German and Scottish, so he was an American. His parents were 14 years old when they migrated to Arkansas. Therefore, Kazembe was a combination of two different breeds. This made Kazembe Ajamu Coleman ethnicity to be recognized as African-American. 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s Net Worth And Social Media 

Kazembe’s net worth was obtained throughout his career as a gym instructor, bodyguard and manager of Zendaya. As of early 2020, his net worth is over $300,000. Kazembe Ajamu is present on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On Instagram he has 26.5K followers, while on Twitter there are 9845 people that follow him.


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Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s Residence And Star Sign

Kazembe, being her daughter’s manager live with her in Los Angeles, California. However, details of his other children’s residence is still unknown. But he loves all children equally and meet them at their residence. Kazembe belongs to the star sign, Aquarius and depicts water sign traits. 


Where does kazembe ajamu coleman come from?

Answer: Kazembe Ajamu Coleman comes from three different ancestries.  According to his DNA tests he is an African. 

Is kazembe ajamu coleman married?

Answer: Kazembe Ajamu is not married now. He was married to Claire Stoermer in 2008, but in August 2016 she filed a divorce case. So, now he is single. 

Where was Kazembe Ajamu Coleman born?

Answer: Kazembe Ajamu was born on 10 February, 1960 in Oakland, California, United States. He is now 62 years old and holds American nationality. 

Who’s inside Zendaya’s Family From Her Mum To Her Siblings?

Answer: Zendaya’s Family comprises her parents Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. However, she also has step-siblings, two brothers and three sisters. 

Final Thought

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman has achieved much popularity in his life as an American nationalist. He has always supported Zendaya and accompanied her on multiple occasions. However, as per his Instagram bio, we can say that Kazembe has many things to do besides being Zendaya’s bodyguard.  

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