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Megan Fox; A Gorgeous actress and mother of Bodhi Ransom Green


Megan Fox Bodhi Ransom Green Mother:

Bodhi Ransom Green is a well-known celebrity child who is currently only eight years old. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are his parents. If you’re curious about this famous kid, you can learn more about him here as we will discuss him in this article. Brian Austin Green, Bodhi’s father, is an actor, producer, and rapper.

Also, his mother, Megan Fox, is an actress and model. Bodhi has a lot of independence because his mother does not believe in traditional parenting approaches.

His parents are now divorced and do not live together. Nonetheless, because he gets to spend time with his parents, he receives all of their attention.

Bodhi Ransom was born on February 12, 2014. Bodhi was born in Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. He had been famous since he was a newborn because so many people had heard about him.

  • Birthday: February 12, 2014
  • Sun Sign: Aquarius
  • Born In: Los Angeles, California
  • Famous As: Megan Fox’s Son
  • Father: Brian Austin Green
  • Mother: Megan Fox
  • Siblings: Journey River Green, Kassius Green (Step-Brother), Noah Shannon Green
  • U.S. State: California
  • City: Los Angeles

He also has a younger brother named Journey River Green and an older brother named Noah Shannon Green. They are respectively eight and four years old. He also has a stepbrother, Kassius, whom his father had when he married Vanessa Marcil.

Noah Shannon Green

Megan Fox, Green’s mother, was eighteen years old when she married thirty-year-old Brian Austin Green. They first met on the set of Hope and Faith. Despite the fact that he was divorced and had a child Megan Fox fell in love with him.

Megan was 18 when she married Green

Green was apprehensive about marrying a girl his age but Fox persuaded him that she was mature for her age. As a result, they married in 2010. Then on June 24, 2010, they married in a private ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort on Maui.

However, Their joyful marriage came to an end in May 2020. They decided to obtain a divorce after ten years of living together.

Megan Fox made an appearance in rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s song video “Bloody Valentine.” This was the start of a romance. Their relationship became public in 2020. Many people started talking about this new pair on social media. They became the most popular couple almost immediately.

Megan fox married with Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green has begun a new relationship as well. Sharna Burgess who is a professional dancer is his girlfriend. As a result, he has progressed in his life. However, they are still responsible for their children and Bodhi Ransom Green is able to share his time with his parents.

Introduction of Bodhi Ransom Green to the world

Megan Fox made her debut on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014, introducing Bodhi Ransom Green to the world. She then requested joint custody of her children after her divorce. However, she and her ex-husband reached an agreement and agreed to share custody.

The couple’s divorce procedures and celebrity drew a lot of media attention to their child, Bodhi Ransom Green. When Megan Fox and her children are out all the photographers arrived to photograph them. This irritated Fox, and she vented her frustrations on the paparazzi, asking them to respect her children’s privacy.

Earlier Brian and Megan fox had good chemistry, Brian and Megan seemed in love so much, you can also get to know more about Brian by checking Brian Austin Green Instagram account.  Brian Austin Green Instagram account is @brianaustingreen, as well as Facebook account, there you will see his photos, videos and updates about his life.

Megan Fox criticised for parenting

Ransom for Bodhi His mother adores the colour green. However, trolls on social media and others have frequently criticised her parenting. They accuse her of disregarding her children whenever she attends parties with her lover Machine Gun Kelly.

She told the trolls that she did not want her children photographed. She wishes for them to be able to enjoy regular life. When she has work or other commitments, and She also leaves the kids with her ex-husband Green.

Fox is fed up with people passing judgment on her life. She believes that she is a loving mother for her children. She drops them off at school and lets them choose their own outfits.

Noah, Bodhi’s younger brother, was once tormented at school for wearing a dress to school. His peers teased him by saying that lads do not wear dresses.

As a result, Megan Fox assisted him in ignoring the opinions of others. She aided him in gaining self-assurance. She is guiding her children’s wardrobe choices.


Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have a gorgeous son named Bodhi Ransom. His adorable features and expressions have gotten him a lot of media attention. We also talked about Brian who is the ex-husband of Megan Fox, and currently, she is interested in Machine Gun Kelly. 


  •   Actress Name: Megan Fox / Megan fox bodhi ransom green mother
  •   Husband Name: Brian Austin Green
  •   Bodhi Birthdate: February 12, 2014
  •   Megan Affair: Machine Gun Kelly
  •   Married in: 2010
  •   Divorced  Brian: 2020
  •   Megan fox bodhi ransom green
  •   Brian another son: kassius lijah marcil green

Who is Megan Fox, and why is she so famous?

Megan fox is a top Hollywood actress, she is not only an actress but also she is a top model. She has appeared in many Hollywood movies with lead roles.

Her top movies are; transformers, Ninja Turtle, Jennifer Body and many more. These movies have gained her so much reputation and fame. And also her modelling career is going well, which has made her famous.

If we talk about other than her Hollywood career, then her son Bodhi and her personal relationship with Machine Gun Kelly is also a big reason why she has become quite famous.

Does Megan Fox love Machine Gun Kelly more than her sons?

It is true that Megan Fox has taken interest in Machine Gun Kelly who is an all time famous rapper. But this does not show or mean at all that Megan fox does not love her kids anymore. Or she loves Kelly more than her kids.

Actually there is no such comparison, in fact if we see Megan supported her kids always. She made sure that her children meet her, even after she divorced Brian, her children meet both of their parents and they stay happy.

We do not know how this relationship might go, but still Megan Fox is doing well in her life, she is a supportive mother, and also a good woman.  Megan and Brian have another son named Kassius lijah marcil green, but he is not from Megan. His mother is Vanessa Marcil.

Read more about:- Jazzy Distefano, Chris Distefano

Megan Fox says she gets in the shower and cries a lot as she misses her kids

Megan has said that she feels very sad as she is staying away from the kids, let us hear what Megan has to say about this.

“I travel for long periods of time, and they have to attend school, which is what it is,” she explained. “I wish I could take them out to travel with me, it would make things a lot easier.”

“I cry often, every new moon usually. I get in the bath and cry a lot about it because it is hard and not because of pressures that anybody else or society puts on you, but it is just hard being separated from them in that way,” she added. “They are my DNA.”

“It’s hard to not feel obligated to be with them all the time or to constantly feel like I’m not doing a good enough job,” she said. “But I’m also separated from their father. So, I can only have them half of the time.”

“That just is what it is,” she continued. “And in some ways that allows me to have moments for myself, where I can live my life as me, not just always being someone’s mother and that’s nice, but you always struggle with the guilt, kind of feeling like, ‘I haven’t done enough.’

Things you didn’t know about Bodhi Ransom Green:

  • Gloria Darlene and Franklin Thomas Fox are Bodhi’s grandparents from maternal side
  • Bodhi is a Christian
  • His mother is religious woman and also a bisexual
  • Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green is half-brother of Bodhi Ransom Green
  • Lorelei Green And Keith Green are Bodhi’s aunt and uncle
  • The name Bodhi means awakened or enlightened in Sanskrit


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