Shocking facts and biography of Tammi Menendez


Tammy Menendez is the biggest sensation of social media and media. There has been much exciting and horrifying news attached to her. If you do not know, then it might come to you as a surprise that her husband Eric Menendez has been confronting existential punishment; he was taken for murdering his parents along with his brother, namely Lyle Menendez.
Tammy Menendez met Eric in around 1997, but she could not get along with him so much as just the year after they met, authorities came to know that Eric was guilty and he was charged with the murder of his parents. Tammi Menendez also has been in the news since her husband murdered his parents, however, police arrested Eric and he was sentenced to his life without any parole. Let us shed light on how Tammi and Eric first meet.

How do Tammi and Erik meet?

You can consider Eric and Tammi’s meeting a little dramatic; Tammi had already known that Lyle and Eric are having their trials. She came to know this through television. And that is where she started writing to Eric.
Tammi Menendez has even written in his book that she could not imagine how Eric was undergoing all that pain emotionally. And Tammi wanted Eric to know that he should hope that there are people outside who care for Eric and have sympathy for him as he was undergoing awful experiences.
She further said that she knows what Lyle and his brother Eric did was not right, it was terrible and they will also get punished for this thing. But she further states that the trial understood under what circumstances he had to do it since he was abused.
Initially, they had a conversation through letters, but soon it became a telephonic conversation in July 1997. She also says that she did not feel any love or sexual desire; neither was love at first sight.
But gradually, she started feeling in love with him, as her second meeting was more inclined towards romance. They had food from a vending machine, yet they pretended as if they were eating mignon.

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They do not have children

Erik and Tammi never had sex, so they do not have any children, according to the report. In one of her interviews, she said that it might be a little difficult to not have sex in her life, but it is not something that is creating a problem for her. This interview with people was held in 2005. Moreover, she also said that she has to be emotionally attached, and in the case of Erik, she says she got emotionally attached.

Erik and Tammi Manedez:

They did have many adversaries, yet Eric and Tammy Menendez got married in the Folsom state prison’s waiting room; they got married in1999. Still, it feels quite strange about the statement that they did not have any sexual intercourse, according to Tammy Menendez.
Tammy Menendez had married before, and her first husband name was Chuck Saccoman; he committed suicide. Tammy Menendez has a daughter from him. When Tammy Menendez and Eric got married, Eric was 28, and Tammy Menendez was 37 years old. And it all started with a letter full of compassion for Eric. She felt emotionally attached to Eric, which led to their relationship.
erik menendez
She also mentions to the magazine that when she first wrote to Eric, she did not know if he would ever reply to her. But he did, and it changed everything, as her relationship with Eric started.
Tammy Menendez and Eric never met until 1997, however, after that, she flew across to meet Eric in prison. And it has been around 21 years since the court trials; their marriage is still going on. It might seem unconventional to many people but it is working for them and they are connected with their special bond.
They both are committed to doing their unconventional marriage work as the prison does not allow married visits; despite this, they both are happy with their never-ending emotional bond with each other.

Tammy Menendez’s Book:

Tammy Menendez also wrote a book that is focused on Eric and Tammi. The book is named “They said we would never make it: my life with Eric Menendez”. In this book, she explains everything about their relationship. She even describes how they are keeping it going on. The book was published in 2005.
Her publishing of the book made everyone know that she really cares about Eric, and she is quite serious about her relationship too. Despite not having any physical contact and closeness, she still keeps going with him, which is indeed something very special.

Tammi Menendez’s daughter

Tammi Menendez daughter’s name is Talia Menendez, and she is Erik’s stepdaughter. However, they get along, and she calls him earthly father. She was only 9 months old when Tammi and Eric Menendez decided to get married. And if we talk about today, then she is twenty-three.
Talia Menendez stays with her mother, Tammi Menendez, but they always visit Eric on almost every weekend. Despite this, they have to travel 150 miles. Talia also has the Instagram handle of Eric Menendez.
Talia mainly lives with her mother, and according to media reports, they travel 150 miles every weekend to meet Erik. Talia also handles her father’s Instagram account and resides in California and her mother.

Net worth of Tammi Menendez:

We only know about the Net worth of Erik’s dad; he owns about $14 million of fortune. When he has murdered Erik, and his brother Lyle inherited all of his wealth. Unfortunately, Eric also had to spend a lot of money on the court trials and legal procedures. So, a lot of money got wasted too. On the other hand, we are not quite sure about the net worth of Tammi Menendez; neither have we known about her income sources. All we know is that Tammi Menendez is a businesswoman. Today she is around 61 years old. So, the exact Tammi Menendez net worth is not known.

Bio of Tammi Menendez:

  • The net worth of Eric: $14 million
  • Real name of Tammi: Tammi Ruth Saccoman
  • Date of birth: 1960
  • Birthplace: Hibbing, Minnesota
  • Age: 64 years
  • First husband: Chuck Saccoman
  • Second husband: Eric Menendez
  • Children: Talia Menendez
  • Book name: They said we’d never make it: My life with Erik Menendez
  • Second marriage: June 12, 1999
  • Instagram: @therealtammimenendez

    That is it for this article, we will surely update if we find anything about Tammi Menendez or Eric, but for now, this is all we can find out. Stay tuned at Think & Explore for more exciting news and informational blogs.

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