Simple way to write a business case study essay


No matter you are a student or a business owner, you need to know what the case study is. Shortly. A case study is an analytical investigation of a specific event involving a problem-solution component. The author should clearly describe the difficulty business or person experiences and thoroughly explain the solution. Case studies can be helpful for business, marketing, medicine, education, and more. For example, you can discuss how writing services offer students to purchase an essay.

Creating a case study on your own can become a significant experience. It can take various forms, from a short piece of writing to engaging video content. Below we have gathered the most working tips to consider while writing a case study.

Guide on How to Write a Business Case Study Essay

1. Conduct research and find the topic to discuss.

The case problem shouldn’t be noticeable. That’s why finding a good topic looks like digging for the diamond in the ground. This section may depend on the situation and your aim. There are several purposes for writing a business case study:

  • Describing one of the critical processes in your business to monitor performance. Frequently, managers use case studies to evaluate or accompany business plans. Collect the detail and tools that comply with one of the sections of the business plan.
  • Serving as an educational example for your students or employees. Case studies help people think outside the box, show how to deal with difficulties, and make the right decision. The case shouldn’t lie on the surface. To find a good topic, you may need to contact managers of big companies for an interview or make site visits with real decision-makers. 
  • Defining the effective solution to implement in your project or company. Start regularly monitoring news in the particular sphere. For example, stay up to date with big companies like Amazon that often share their experience on the web. Store the links to potential studies in one place and highlight ideas in the text. 
  • Showing future customers how your business can solve their problems on particular examples. Choose the client that has successfully used your service and benefited from it. You probably have many customer success stories, but you should pick a typical one. The success story should be universal so that more future clients can relate to the case.

    2. Write out the plan.

When you have collected the case details, it’s time to think about the structure. Initially, a good case study is an exciting story. Every story has an introduction, a central part, and a conclusion. Initially, you need to take the role of storyteller. The reader should be interested to read it (or watch) till the end. Write down key points you want to consider in the text of the case study.

3. Write the main content.

Unfortunately, a case study is generally considered to have a formal and strictly corporative tone of voice. At the same time, a good case study should be a literal artwork instead. A narrative form and storytelling techniques will make the case study more engaging and convincing.

In every case study, you should highlight a protagonist who plays the role of the main hero who deals with a particular problem. Lead the hero by describing how the problem has occurred, the obstacles the hero faces, and the things they have done to win in the end. The stories protagonists may be simple managers, engineers, doctors, etc.

First. Write the introduction that will disclose the topic of the case study and the questions you will address further in the text. Several sentences will be enough.

The following section should be more profound. Fill in the case study with the situation overview and limit yourself from describing it from various angles. Don’t be tempted to describe every single detail of the case. The summary should be interesting but, at the same time, brief and precise.

When the overall picture is clear, it’s time to name the problem or difficulties. Describe the consequences and effects of such a problem for the company.

One of the main parts is the solution process. Here you need to write about several solution options and pick the most effective. A good case study leads the reader through all the solution steps. While such writing involves engaging storytelling. The results need explanation and are full of facts and numbers.

Write out the plan

For better understanding, we recommend you to look through samples of well-written case studies, for example, here. The logical composition of a business case study is crucial. It should contain data, determination, and structure. The uniqueness of this type of paper is to make people concentrate on a particular problem. Showing them specific and understandable information.

4. Add data, graphs, etc.

Don’t forget about the aesthetics of the additional materials. Illustrations, numbers, infographics, quotes, charts, graphs, and other utilities will boost the positive effect of the case study. Remember that you are speaking to a specific audience. Whether it’s a board of directors or your potential customers. To convince people to make a particular decision or action, you need to stick to the quality content and language.

A Bit of Advice to Consider

While the case study essay is about creative work. Let’s get into the details that can ease the writing process.

  1. Think about the people who will read your case study or to whom you will deliver it. Who are those people? What types of delivery will they appreciate the most? Pick the appropriate tone of voice and vocabulary to make your work more effective.
  2. Find additional materials that will better support your point of view. If you are going to make a PowerPoint presentation or video, ensure that the presentation room has the appropriate equipment.
  3. Add emotions. Add personal stories, quotes, and evidence to boost the audience’s attention. You can describe how happy the managers will be with the new corporate online service.
  4. Don’t forget to state the business problem in your case clearly. The audience should clearly understand the issue and how it corresponds to the business needs.
  5. Prepare some questions for your audience. People will get encouraged in the challenge to overcome a specific issue, which may lead to a more effective outcome.
  6. Stick to the word count. Typically, a case study shouldn’t bore the audience. Always think about whether you can optimize the content length. limit yourself to 500-1000 words and add more visual content.

Summing Up

A business case study essay is a powerful element of the decision-making process. Ideas presented significantly may positively influence the overall company performance. And even entirely change certain functions.

business case study essay

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