Terrence Duckett Biography; Net worth, Age And Profession Of Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband


Terrence Duckett is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for OnPacePlus, a healthcare company with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. He gained fame after exchanging vows with American singer and actress Jasmine Guy, well-known for her roles in the casts of films including School Gaze and the television program A Different World.

Who Is Jasmine Guy Husband, Terrence Duckett?

Jasmine Guy husband, Terrence Duckett, became well-known after he wed Guy, and it has continued to grow since their 2008 divorce, which they justified by citing irreconcilable differences. Although he is still notable, he has made every effort to disappear since his breakup with the Hollywood starlet, offering few to no hints about his present love life.

Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett

Professionally, Duckett rose to the position of chief strategy officer at a Los Angeles-based healthcare organization. He was a consultant for the same healthcare organization at the time of his last recorded employment.

Guy, who became famous after making several appearances on “Fame” in the early 1980s, hasn’t shied away from the spotlight; in contrast, Duckett has maintained a modest profile. She also starred in the 1990s program “A Different World.” The actress and musician have continued to work in the entertainment business and won numerous accolades.

Early Life: Terrence Duckett Was a Gold Medalist Sprinter

Terrence Duckett, born on May 22, 1962, will turn 60 in 2022. He is of African-American descent and has the zodiac sign of Taurus. Despite being a well-known media figure, he hasn’t disclosed who his parents are. He graduated from Gray West Side Primary School, where he received his education. Later, he enrolled at The University of Iowa in Iowa, America, to further his study. 

In addition, Terrence was quite involved in extracurricular activities while he was a high school student. He was a sprinter from his high school who won a gold medal. In the 100- and 200-meter races, he took first place in the individual state championship.

Terrence Duckett Career 

In the US, Terrence Duckett works as a consultant. He is employed by “Onpaceplus,” a renowned healthcare company in Los Angeles, California. The people who verified Terrence’s current position said he was the director of Strategic Alliances for Soda and Lime for around nine years.

He was and is thriving as a consultant, yet few people know him because of that. In terms of his career, Terrence became well-known after the actress Jasmine Guy he was dating made their relationship public. Now a famous American actress, singer, and dancer, Jasmine Guy has made many contributions to the nation’s booming entertainment industry. 

Who Is Jasmine Guy, Terrence Duckett’s Ex-Wife?

An accomplished American actress is Jasmine Guy. Terrence Duckett made her television début in seven Fame episodes in 1982. She participated in high-profile, profitable, and financially successful films.

Jasmine Guy

She has received great praise for her work on numerous movies, including Blossoms for Clara, Mary What About Us?, Scary Movie 5, October Baby, Stone Gap, and many others. She pursued a singing career in addition to her acting career, for which she was nominated for multiple awards.

When did Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett first meet?

The former couple met at the seminar and began dating in 1987. They spent nine years together. They decided to wed legally after getting to know each other personally. The couple has been very cooperative and supportive throughout their marriage. Jasmine Guy stood by her ex-husband through all of his highs and lows.

Who is Terrence Duckett’s Current Spouse? Wife, Children, and Marriage

Jasmine Guy ex-Husband, Terrence Duckett, is not currently wed to anyone. He was, however, previously wed to Jasmine Guy. Terrence and his ex-wife started a relationship in 1987 and married on August 22, 1988. Jasmine Guy’s ex-husband submitted a divorce application in April 2008 due to a few miscommunications.


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The court decided that Terrence’s wife, Jasmine Guy, should have custody of their one kid even though Terrence wished to take control of the child himself. Their sole child resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with Jasmine Guy. Oh, and their only child’s name is Imani Duckett.

What is Terrence Duckett Net worth?

Terrence Duckett’s net worth is between $1 million and $1.5 million. Even though he has refrained from disclosing his salary and income to the media, Jasmine Guy, his ex-wife, is estimated to be worth over $4 million.

What is Terrence Duckett Age, Birthday, and Nationality

Terrence Duckett’s age is obscure, as we did point out. Even though he celebrates his birthday yearly, we could not find his exact birthdate. In contrast to this fact, we were able to determine that he is of Afro-American ethnicity. He also has a black complexion, eyes, and hair, which he prefers to wear bald.

What does Terrence Duckett look like?

Terrence is a charming and humble person. His friendliness helped him establish a solid reputation among his friends. Terrence is a standard-built man. He is 5.9 inches tall and 85 kg in weight. 

Terrence Duckett Wikipedia, Facebook, and Instagram

SheTerrence isn’t particularly active on either of the social media sites. Terrence Guy withdrew from the public eye after he and his wife, Jasmine Guy, began working for different companies in April 2008.

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What does Terrence Duckett do For a Living?

Terrence Ducket works as a consultant for the healthcare organization Onpaceplus. In the Greater Los Angeles Area, he previously worked for soda and lime for nine years as the director of strategic connections.

What is Terrence Duckett’s age?

Although Terrence Duckett’s age is still unknown, it is thought that he was born in the United States around the 1980s.

What is Terrence Duckett’s Nationality?

He is American.

Is Terrence Available on Wikipedia?

Terrence Duckett’s Wikipedia is not present regarding the former famous couple’s social activity. He doesn’t use any platforms because he prefers to keep things private and is reticent to provide such personal data. He is active on his LinkedIn profile, however.  

Who is the daughter of Terrence Duckett?

Terrence Duckett’s daughter is Imani Duckett.

Who is the current wife of Terrence Duckett?

Since his divorce from Jasmine Guy, Terrence has been without a partner.

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