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Terry Lee Flenory: Drug dealer or businessman?


Terry Lee Flenory is a pretty popular, or rather notorious American businessman and a drug supplier; he is also an investor from Detroit Michigan. The younger brother of Demetrius Flenory or Big Meech is quite notorious for his illegal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering, and as the founder of the Black Mafia Family, money laundering organization known as BMF.

When we talk about Terry Flenory we talk about a drug supplier and the founder of BMF.  It was established in 1990 and 2005; he and his brother Big Meech participated in a variety of illegal sports together.

Black Mafia Family

How is the Terry Lee Flenory Childhood?

He was born on January 10, 1970, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He became the chief of the Black Mafia Family and a narcotics trafficker in the United States. . Terry Lee Flenory age is 50 years old in 2022 according to report.
In Terry Lee Flenory’s family he has a mother and father, his brother and sister. His father’s name is Charles Flenory, mother’s Shelly Meech. Brother’s name is Big Meech, and Nicole Flenory is his sister. He comes from an American family. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. He really loves his family and the time he spends with them.

What is Terry Lee Educational?

Terry and his brother both graduated from the same college with a bachelor’s degree. Following that, they began their illegal drug business. Terry and his brother also made a lot of money with their money-laundering business.
Southwest T is rumored to have been killed by a gunshot. However, as of now, no legitimate assets have displayed the information.
Social media said that he is no more as he took a bullet on 26 September. It’s unclear when the rumors began, but because the statistics can no longer be validated, it’s prudent to state that he is still living.

How is Terry Lee Flenory’s career?

According to accounts, Terry Lee Flenory got his start in the illegal business world, while his older brother Big Meech founded the Black Mafia Family which is actually a money laundering organization (BMF). They engaged in a variety of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, through their corporation.

Terry and his brother Big began their cocaine careers by selling $50 bags of cocaine on the backstreets of Detroit in the 1980s when they were still in high school. They set up BMF Entertainment in 1989 to facilitate drug and money laundering.


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Aside from that, his brother founded BMF Entertainment, a music publishing company. Terry Lee Flenory had his own emblem which was Southwest Black Magic when he came out of prison. He also used social media to advertise a number of his products.

They sold a lot of cocaine through their business in a number of states across the United States. According to the sources Terry and Big Meech separated following a fight in 2001. Terry then relocated to Los Angeles and began his personal association.

Black Mafia Family, a television show, premiered in September 2001. Curt Jackson, Randy Huggins, Terri Kopp and Anthony Wilson are among the musical artists and producers who contributed to this collection which was produced by G-Unit Films, Television and Lions gate.

On September 26, 2021, this compilation was launched. Terry Lee Flenory was played by Da Vinci, a well-known American actor. The role of Big Meech was played by his son Demetrius Flenory Jr who is also known as little Meech.

Arrest of Flenory brothers in September 2008

The brothers went to prison in 2008. They were sentenced to 30 years in prison for their illegal sports and drug trafficking operation. According to the Detroit News Terry Lee Flenory was arrested on May 5, 2020 in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country’s prison system.

Southwest T was the first to be ready to launch using the code 2032, alongside his sibling. But, in the aftermath of a pandemic that killed roughly forty convicts and inflamed 2,300 inmates and employees in 2020, he sought an early start. Southwest T got out on bail. On the other hand, the bail plea of his brother Big Meech did not go well.

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Who is Terry Lee Flenory’s wife?

Terry Lee Flenory is a married man, Terry Lee Flenory wife is Tonesa, his love of life. Her complete name is Tonesa Welch, according to Instagram profile. Tonesa is an Executive manufacturer of Notorious Queens and a logo influencer.

Terry used his social media accounts to share a slew of photos with Welch. Terry has also cooperated with a number of female business executives and artists. There are no accurate records about his children. He does not have any information to give about his kids, so we do not know that yet.

Terry Lee Flenory's wife

Terry Lee Flenory success

For many years the Flenory brothers have kept their drug-trafficking lifestyles and dealt with many illegal activities and things. They were the founders of the infamous Black Mafia Family (BMF). And in around September 2001, they received their Black Mafia Family film collection in which American actor Da Vinci portrayed Terry Lee Flenory.


Terry Lee’s Profile:


Who shot Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory is a drug dealer and businessman in America. He is quite famous for his activities. Especially illegal, he is also a big investor in Michigan.

Who shot Terry Lee Flenory in the eye?

Yes, before he took a bullet in the face, and he sustained the injury. We do not know the amount of damage he took. This was way back in the past. As of now he is doing  great.

Is Terry Lee Flenory still alive?

Terry Lee Flenory got shot before but he survived it, and he is not dead. Someone shot him in front of his house. We do not know what his condition was when this happened. However; all we know is that he is doing well now and he is not dead. He is now maintaining a good and peaceful life.

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