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Things you didn’t know about Jazzy Distefano and her husband Chris Distefano


Jazzy Distefano is the wife of all time great stand up comedian Chris Distefano. But this is not just all for Jazzy, she is also a great Zumba dancer, she teaches Zumba, and she is even certified as a group fitness instructor.

Jazzy Distefano has two children and both Chris and Jazzy are living happily together, their fans love them for their interesting and fun loving content. 

Jazzy Distefano also goes by the name of Jasmine and Vinny, these are her pet names. And some of her fans too like to call her Vinny and Jasmine. 

She was born in 1984, 17th of April, and this marks her about 37 years old. Her parents’ names are; Liz Canuelas and Edwin.  Let us start this article by discussing her children.

Jazzy Distefano

Children of Jazzy:

Jazzy Distefano has 3 children, two from her husband Chris Distefano and one from a previous relationship. They gave him the name Tristan. 

This does not affect their family bonding, they are a close-knit family. The family also intends to purchase a house in Staten Island so they can raise their three kids happily.

Her children’s names are Tristan, Delilah Destifano and Violette Luna Distefano. Luna was born in June 2011, and Delilah Distefano was born in 2015 in May.

Jazzy is Zumba Teacher:

The wife of Chris Jazzy is making her career as a Zumba teacher, she is a very good dancer and she has also been certified as a group fitness teacher. She is a fit woman, and also she helps other people to achieve their fitness goals.

She also helps women with their postpartum depression, not only she trains them to get in shape but also motivates them to continue with their lives happily. This also has led her to gain a good fan following on her Instagram account. One of the reasons that motivated her to do that is she also suffered from postpartum depression during her pregnancy. So, she helps other women to stay positive. Even her Instagram says, “Here for the Mamas Let me motivate you”.

Moreover; Jazzy Distefano also has created a unique way which she calls Jazzy Method to help people with their body weight. She has blended bodyweight exercises, along with training music. People enjoy while exercising, this makes her training fun and pleasant.  Everyone who follows her social media account can access her training content easily.

Jazzy Distefano Instagram fan following

As we know Jazzy Distefano is a trainer. So she will definitely post a lot of videos on her social media account. This has led her to manage a huge fan following. She has around 21k fans on her social media page. 

She is active on her social media pages, and she uploads videos full of fitness content, which also guide people about how they should be taking things. So far she is successful in doing all that. She also has a sister namely Jessica Canuelas.


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Jazzy and Chris Distefano:

You might be surprised to know that Jazzy Distefano is not married to Chris. They are living together as husband and wife but she is not married. So it is more like a live-in relationship for them.  Many people now also call her Chris Distefano wife. But since they are not married, a lot of people also say Jazzy is Chris Distefano’s girlfriend.

According to them they are already so close to each other, so marriage is not going to make any difference. Also, they love each other; they have children and live their life happily.
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Chris Distefano:

The full name of Chris Distefano is Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano, and he is from Germany. He is the husband of Jazzy Distefano, and he is making his career as a comedian. He is also quite famous in his career, especially for his observational humor. 

Chris started his career with an MTV show, and people remember his show namely “Girl Code Guy Code”. He completed his early education from Molloy High School which is in Queens.

Comedian Chris Distefano and husband of Jazzy Distefano

After that Chris went to St. Joseph College and studied psychology, he also was a basketball player there. He further continued his studies and from NY institute of Technology he received his doctorate in physical therapy. 

He also practiced physical therapy before he started considering becoming a comedian. In around 2009 he performed as a stand up comedian, and in 2010 he hosted a show. He was even nominated as a finalist in the 2011 New York comedy festival, which earned him a good name and opened doors for him for more comedy shows.

Some of his comedic shows are

  • Guy Code Girl Code
  • Off the Bat
  • Guy Court
  • The Challenge

Chris Distefano also had an opportunity to become an announcer for a Netflix show namely Ultimate Beastmaster. 2019 remained quite good for him as he started his shows on a daily basis. He also hosted a podcast titled “Stand up with Chris Distefano” 

Net worth of Jazzy Destefano:

Jazzy Distefano, Chris Distefano’s girlfriend, is earning quite well, but we do not know about her net worth, however; her husband Chris has a net worth of $33 million. He has earned this money through his stand-up comedy career. But also his wife Jazzy is an independent woman, so we can tell she is earning well. She likes to do things on her own.

Chris podcast confession:

In one of his podcasts Chris Distefano also confessed that the first meeting of Jazzy and Chris was rather funny, as she told him that she has never heard of him before. 

She said, “I have never heard of you. “ And Chris said I kept buying her drinks to charm her. And the funniest thing is that somehow these two ended up being together.

Jazzy Distefano:

  • Full Name: Jazzy Distefano
  • Other names: Vinny and Jasmine 
  • DOB: April 17, 1984 
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Jazzy’s Age: 39 years old 
  • Religion: Christianity 
  • Boyfriend: Chris Distefano 
  • Parents: Edwin and Liz Canuelas 
  • Children: Tristan, Delilah Violette Luna Distefano
  • Profession: Zumba Instructor and Fitness Coach

How is Giuseppe Distefano appraised?

In around 1973 Di Stefano went for a recital tour, which ended after one year in 1974, he went with Maria Callas. DiStefano did a great job there, he sang successfully, in his operatic role.

He is appraised for his best and soft voice; he has warm and rather unmistakable voice pitch. He is always praised for his vocal skills and his elegant singing.

Another best appraisal of DiStefano’s career is the movie La Voce del Cuore, which translates as The Voice of the Heart. People also appraise him for this film.

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Let’s talk about Chris Distefano’s Transgender Uncle TiTi Jerry

TiTi Jerry, the transgender uncle of Chris, is a well known person. She sometimes uses the names Jerry and JLO. She had always known she had no interest in women, but she admired them nonetheless.

Ti learned she was homosexual while incarcerated after her mother visited her. She also values the fact that her mother has always accepted her for who she is.

Chris Distefano’s Family Is charming

His family consists of his parents, his spouse, and his three children. In contrast, his transgender uncle has captured the public’s attention with her eccentric personality and status as an internet phenomenon.

Chris and his wife met in a bar, where they quickly developed a friendship, a relationship, and ultimately a marriage. The lovely couple began dating in 2013, and in 2015 they wed in a private ceremony.

The couple’s youngest child, Delilah Distefano, was born in May of 2015. Chris’s daughter Delilah is his second child; he already has a son from a previous relationship.

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