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Things You Need To Know About Dinah Mattingly


Larry Bird’s wife Dinah Mattingly, is a former basketball player and coach. Larry, a contemporary basketball executive. Is regarded as one of the best basketball players. Dinah and Larry Bird were wed in 1989 and have been together ever since. Upon her marriage to Larry, Dinah Mattingly became Corrie Bird’s stepmother. 

Larry’s first marriage to Janet Condra produced Corrie. Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted two children, notably Mariah and Connor. In 2013, the couple’s son Connor was arrested and convicted of attempted murder. It also subsequently freed him for lack of evidence. Dinah Mattingly keeps a low profile and is seldom seen at public events. Unlike her renowned spouse, she does not like being the centre of attention.

Ascend to Fame

In the 1980s, Dinah Mattingly’s fame soared once she began dating Larry Bird. Local tabloids and newspapers were eager to learn more about Larry Bird’s new partner. Consequently, Dinah would catch the attention of the paparazzi by associating with the renowned basketball star. She was also seen in basketball arenas around the United States whenever Larry Bird played.

Connection with Larry Bird

Dinah Mattingly met Larry Bird during her undergraduate studies. Larry and Dinah both attended Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. After a lengthy courtship, Dinah and Larry were engaged in the late 1980s. A few years later, they decided to go down the aisle. Dinah and Larry were married in Indiana, United States, on October 31, 1989. Also, wedding dinah Mattingly was a low-key ceremony, with only close friends and family. Dinah and Larry adopted two children: a boy and a girl. 


In February 2013. Their son Connor Bird made news when he was detained at Indiana University. As he attempted to strike his ex-girlfriend with his automobile. Connor Bird was charged with attempted murder. Other allegations against him included marijuana possession, weapon-based intimidation, and criminal mischief. Ultimately, he also withdrew some of the accusations against Connor and finally freed him. Corrie Bird is the surname of Dinah Mattingly’s stepdaughter. Corrie was born on August 14, 1977, to Janet Condra, Larry’s former wife.

Personal Life

Dinah Mattingly was born in the United States of America on November 16, 1954. After graduating from high school in Terre Haute, Indiana, Dinah attended Indiana State University. Dinah has almost always managed to keep a low profile despite having married one of the most renowned basketball stars in history. She is seldom seen at public functions and basketball games. Dinah, unlike other renowned individuals, is not engaged on social media. She presently resides with her spouse at their Indiana home.


The wedding of Larry and Dinah took place in 1989. It was Larry’s second marriage, although he cannot confirm Dinah’s second status.

As she is very secretive, there is virtually little information on Dinah on the internet.

However. She was thrust into the public eye after marrying the NBA icon.

The wedding occurred at a friend’s house in Terre Haute, Indiana. In addition to the bride and groom, just five close friends and family members observed the wedding.

The pair reportedly donned stonewashed denim to the ceremony.

The media emphasized their age difference

The media focused on their two-year age gap during their wedding, but the pair seemed unconcerned.

Dinah is a stunning lady with golden hair that she wears in a bob cut.

She may seem little compared to Larry, but the actual dinah mattingly height is around 5 feet 5 inches.

Dinah has resided with Larry for quite some time. Primarily, she provided substantial assistance throughout his transition from NBA player to coach.

While most athletes find it difficult to go from playing to teaching, Larry made the switch flawlessly.

But, of course, most of it occurred due to Dinah’s unwavering support.

Even though they do not show affection for one another, their relationship is deep.

Their marriage has endured the test of time, as they have been together for almost three decades.

Larry has intervened in several issues over the years. Numerous news organizations have accused him of cheating on his wife. However, Dinah has remained by his side during the terrible times.

The news websites were filled with images of a mysterious lady laying her hand on a man’s leg. Everyone assumed she was his lover.

However, he disclosed that the mysterious lady was his daughter, debunking the adultery claims.

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Wife of Larry Bird: Net Worth:

Dinah has amassed a net worth of around $1,000,000 via her many endeavours. However, also combined larry bird net worth with her spouse exceeds that amount.

This money makes him one of the richest NBA players. The couple owns many properties and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Wife of Larry Bird

The Wife of Larry Bird: Social Media:

Dinah attempts to avoid social media on days when most celebs are active.

This absence from social media makes it difficult to determine their whereabouts and personal information.

Also, dinah mattingly young husband Larry has an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.

27.9K Instagram Followers


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Twitter has 12.2K followers, while Facebook has 109K followers.


Who is larry bird’s famous wife?

Dinah Mattingly is well known for being Larry Bird’s wife. The pair has dodged public attention for almost thirty years of marriage.

Is larry bird still married?

If you are a Bird lover who has wondered about his family, you have come to the perfect site! The NBA great is married to Dinah Mattingly as of 2022. However, he has also been married before. This article examines his marriage, relationships, children, etc.

What is Larry Bird’s net worth in 2022?

Larry Bird’s net worth is roughly $75 million as of December 2022. What are these? Larry Bird is a former basketball player, coach, and executive from the United States.

How did Larry Bird meet Dinah Mattingly?

Larry and Dinah started dating in the late 1970s after meeting during their undergraduate years. In 1975, Bird married Janet Condra, but the marriage lasted less than a year. In 1989, the couple tied the wedding; this was Larry Bird’s second marriage.

What did Larry Bird suffer from?

After guiding the Celtics to a 29–5 start to the 1990–91 seasons, Bird missed 22 games due to a compressed nerve root in his back, which ultimately led to his retirement.

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