Tips to Design Custom Display Boxes


Display boxes are the perfect solution to enhance product appearance and brand performance. Here are some suggestions for designing them.

If you have the products displayed, they should attract the targeted audience’s interest and persuade customers to buy. However, with the growing competition and customers who encounter many products every day, it is challenging to design brand identity materials that stay in mind even after a few days.

If you choose the right design and packaging materials, you can make a huge difference in your sales.

The display boxes, also known as counter display boxes, are pre-glued and then flattened in the same way as the folding cartons. You need to insert the boxes into place to assemble them.

Here are some tips for designing custom display boxes to ensure your brand outperforms your competition.

 Compatible Box Design

Choose a box design compatible with your brand and product. But it is always possible to experiment and create innovative techniques.

Consider what you want to display in the box next to your logo. Consider what designs you want to include and what colors will attract your customers’ attention. Size is another factor when it comes to packaging. Consider placing items vertically so that the packaging is closer to the customer’s eyes or placing more boxes horizontally to take up more space.

Apart from the typical box styles, alternative boxes could be ideal for anything from food to pharmaceuticals!

 Custom Packaging Inserts

The way you present your product in the package is just as important as the exterior design. If your products are displayed at random, the consumer is immediately turned off. It is difficult to figure out the product, but it is also detrimental to the brand and the exterior design inside the box.

In this scenario, cardboard packaging inserts are the ideal choice. The box inserts help you keep your products in place and display them elegantly. Custom inserts help transport packaging from one retailer to another or between shelves.

The packaging does not require assembly effort by adding inserts. However, adding inserts can increase packaging costs by between 20% and 30% of the price of the outer box.

Perfect Packaging for Product Exhibition

If you want to try your new product with your customers, you can offer the product in samples or as testers. This allows your customers to experience your products and what’s new before buying them. This also allows your business to evaluate how well known the product is.

It is possible to place these boxes near the counter to complete the order, allow customers to choose one during checkout.

Choose Eco-Friendly Way

 People are inclined to buy what they find appealing, and when your business strives to display your products in the most beautiful displays, they will probably buy your goods. To take it a step further, make sure your display cases are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable and are made of cardboard, printed with soy ink and then finished with a water-based varnish. This marks your brand to be responsible and sustainable and increases its value.

eco friendly

Where Can I Get Bespoke Display Boxes Made in UK?

 Packaging Printing is one of the UK’s leading packaging manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality and cost-effective packaging boxes. Whether you need a custom display box or a folding carton, this company will meet your packaging needs at affordable prices.

Choose the Right Fonts

The fonts you select in the custom packaging can tell a lot about your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your packaging.

When designing custom boxes, you need to include all the branding and marketing materials in the packages. Your logo will probably be prominent, in the middle of the pack or at the top. But another critical element of the look is character. Not only do you want an attractive slogan, but also words that are easy to read and understand. Fonts need to get the customer’s attention; tone and message need to make potential customers loyal customers.

Font Type

The font you select makes a huge difference in the style, look, and feel. Take a look at the tone and image of your brand. Is nice? Are you serious? Fonts can also convey emotions and thoughts. For example, if your business vision is vibrant, your packaging style may include a lot of bright patterns and colors.

Another design option might be to use a serif font or decorative font. This will present your brand image as bright and cheerful, unlike when you had serif or calligraphy fonts that would seem strange and confusing to the customer.

The fonts usually come in 4 different varieties.

1. Serif

The fonts listed here are the oldest font types. The look and feel of these fonts is traditional and stern. One of the best-known examples of serif fonts can be found in Times New Roman. This type of font is ideal for books and newspapers. However, there are a few other fonts for visually appealing professional content.

2. Sans Serif

Sans is a contraction of without. It fonts do not use the lines at the end of the letters as in serif fonts. One of the most popular places to see Sans Serif fonts is the 1900s commercials. These fonts convey an unpretentious style and look.

3. Decorative

This script comes in a wide range of fonts, including stencils and grunge text. The fonts you choose will allow you to be more creative in using them with different types of branding tones.

4. Scenario

This script looks like handwritten calligraphy, with italics or any other font. Using this font makes the feeling more comfortable and suggests an individual packaging touch. Wavy handwriting fonts also radiate elegance and class.

Font Size

Make sure your font is not lost in the other package components. He should be bold; however, it should not be so dominant as to obstruct other branding elements. Be aware of the hierarchy of your most important words, such as company name, which should be the boldest and most extensive.

After that, other information, such as hashtags, slogans. Or social media handles, should be written in a smaller but accessible font.

Essential Information

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you’ll want to incorporate into your packaging. It is essential to provide your customers with as much information as possible to know everything about your product and brand.

This may lead you to compromise other issues, such as font size and font style. Try to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Yes, they want to learn about your product. But most likely, they are not interested in learning about other products similar to yours through your packaging. There are different methods of advertising to highlight your wide range of items. If you run an online business with subscription boxes, adding information about your organic products or other entities included in the package can help you attract more customers.

Create Packaging Design Using Adobe Illustrator

If you’re using Adobe Illustrator to design your packaging line, you need to know a few essentials.

Ensure that when your printers open the document, the font file is not missing.

Usually, the minimum text size is 6 pt. suppose you want to use less than 6 pt. text, be sure to inform your packaging suppliers so that they can ensure that your printing is done correctly.

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