Using document templates in SharePoint


Templates help companies create documents with a consistent design. For example, a company’s cover letter can always be created with the same margins, spacing and structure as part of the corporate identity. Uniform documents offer the advantages that standards (such as the position of the address field) are complied with. The company is perceived as serious from the outside and time can be saved for the employees, who do not have to reformat the document every time. Ideally, all employees should use uniform, centrally managed templates and not everyone should have their own templates.

How to add a template

In general, the SharePoint template management takes place via the content types with which metadata is managed. Basically, a template in SharePoint is nothing more than enriching a library with metadata. However, there are two ways to add a template to a document library in SharePoint:

  • When creating the library, I set an Office document as the default file type and change it or adjust it via the Edit template in the library’s advanced settings.
  • I create a content type, add the template to the content type, and then add the created content type to the library.

We clearly recommend the second alternative here. In the first alternative, the template is added to a content type. But it is not available for reuse in other libraries because it is directly associated with the library. On the other hand, by creating a content type with a template. This content type can be reused in any other library with just a few clicks. If a change is then to be made in the design or similar of the template. I only have to make this once (in the content type) and not in each library individually. The template is then automatically updated in each library (provided no other settings have been made).

Instructions – How to add a template to a SharePoint library

In the following, I would like to describe the process of adding a template to a library using a content type. I will illustrate this below using a PowerPoint template as an example in the existing “Presentation” document library.

When managing templates, however. It should be noted that only one document template can be added to each content type. If several different presentation templates are to be available in the library, I must accordingly also create several content types and add them to the library. There are some Microsoft consulting firm to take guidance from if you are having some secone thoughts about doing it yourself. Microsoft consulting firm is best firm in the usa.

Creating the Content-Type

  • Open the website and select website settings in the settings (wheel at the top right corner of the page).
  • Then open Site Content Types in the Web Designer Galleries group and click Create at the top of the page
  • Give the title “Corporate Presentation”, describe the content type as “Template for Corporate Presentation to Clients”, name the parent content type “Document” and select our group “NI” as the location. An alternative would be. If more presentation templates were added. To create a new group of presentations and to save all the content types there for better filtering. Clicking OK adds the content type to the group.

Adding the template to the content type

  • Now I open the content type again as in point 2 about website content types. Filter the content types via the selected group “NI” and click on the content type just created

So now I’ve created a content type that contains the presentation template. As mentioned, I can now create as many content types as I want using template documents. Then all I have to do is add the content types to the library.

Adding the content type to the document library

  • After adding the template to the content type. I open web page content from the settings on the top right side of the page
  • Open the settings of the “Presentation” document library in which I want to save the template.

Important: The settings must be made in the document library, not in the website library.

  • In the “Advanced Settings” of the library it is now important that the management of content types is allowed. To do this, I select the “Yes” checkbox and save the settings by clicking OK.

In the selection that opens, I select the NI group again for filtering the content types. From the content types of the NI group. I can now add the Company Presentation content type that I just created and save the settings by clicking on “OK”.

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The template has thus been added to the Presentations library. Now, when creating a new presentation in the library, I can select the Company Presentation template by clicking on New.

If you find it a little complicated or you want to be error-free. Then I would advise you to hire a SharePoint consulting firm to help you with this configuration. Al Rafay Consulting is a team of highly professional developers. Who would love to work with your organization for SharePoint solutions. Microsoft consulting firm

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