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The Kelly Ronahan story is genuinely distressing. Few people saw Kelly’s decline from a healthy woman with hopes of returning to ballet to a weak woman who had surgery to save her life. The majority of people now hear about it through TikTok.

No one could identify Ronahan’s illness, which made her decline more painful. She jumped from one mystery sickness to the other, leading to charges that she manufactured her problems for attention. According to a strange Internet story, Kelly ronahan 2022 injected feces into her legs to create sepsis.

This article analyzes the life of kelly ronahan full story Reddit in further detail.

Kelly became well-known for having weekly blood donations to treat a rare blood disorder

Kelly Ronahan got attention for the first time in 2014: she required weekly blood donations to treat a rare blood disorder. Doctors could not determine why her hemoglobin level continued to drop every week.

She received 95 liters of blood by March 2016. Kelly told Global News, “I get three bags of blood every two weeks, so that’s three individuals, three blood donors, saving my life every two weeks.” Without the transfusions, I would develop organ failure and die within a month to six weeks.”

Despite the transfusions, Kelly’s condition continued to worsen. The ailment prevented her from returning to her position as a ballet instructor. Kelly said, “I’m a little afraid to hear about the future since I’m growing more sensitive to blood with each transfusion.”

Kelly’s tale attracted internet users’ sympathy, encouraging her whenever she submitted an update. Ronahan formed a blood donation group to encourage blood donations.

Ronahan was taken to hospital in July 2016 for seizures. However, she was released when physicians discovered she was faking the attacks.

Physicians’ Findings

She continued to get assistance after notifying others of the physicians’ findings. In response to her confession, individuals organized a blood drive in her honor. Throughout 2016, she also planned many blood drives in Kelly’s honor.

Her appearance on a local news station reinforced the notion that Kelly was ill and needed assistance.

Kelly’s port got infected in early 2017, resulting in sepsis. Ronahan also told her fans that she had been afflicted with workout addiction and food issues. She also stated to have self-inflicted injuries before her illness, but the scars she displayed did not seem three years old.

The re-infection of Ronahan’s port compelled physicians to watch her for three weeks. Before her scheduled release, Kelly had convulsions and a rash. Kelly went to the hospital in April 2017 for a different reason and had blood taken.

Her normal hemoglobin level sparked rumors that she had faked a rare ailment for attention. Kelly rejected the rumors by accusing the physician of conspiring against her.

The strange leg disease of Ronahan first arose in 2018. It quickly spread in the following months

Ronahan attributed her blood condition to multiple sclerosis and uterine fibroids, although she lacked proof to substantiate her claims. Kelly stated a hysterectomy was necessary to remove the fibroids.

By 2018, suspicions that Kelly was faking it had acquired significant momentum. In April 2018, she also removed her port since she no longer required transfusions.

After a month, Kelly noticed foot swelling and blisters that supposedly erupted out of nowhere. Kelly’s blisters became larger as she continued to poke at them. She claimed to be in so much agony that she needed pain medicine, but physicians refused to provide it.


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As 2018 continued, Kelly’s health deteriorated: the scabs grew into much bigger sores. The medical enigma became more complex when Ronahan had convulsions and developed sores on her hands.

As the sores on kelly ronahan legs become more apparent, physicians become concerned about circulation problems and nerve damage. Unfortunately, Kelly’s mental health was negatively impacted by online harassment.

As her health deteriorated, the uploaded Kelly Ronahan photos were more distressing. She told her audience that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. She had skin grafts in 2019 and looked to improve.

Early in April 2019, she reported that she had accomplished her first walk in many months and was thrilled. Kelly wrote: “After being confined by my legs for so long, it felt so intense. Today I am honestly quite sore, and I love it! I have been in such a dark place for a long time. My mind is attempting to spook me – what if it occurs again? – or “What if this is just a dream as well as I wake up with horrible legs?”

In May 2021, doctors removed Kelly’s legs after she ruined her grafts

Kelly returned to the hospital several weeks within a week of her optimistic Instagram post after picking at the scars on her legs. She was hospitalized for three days so that physicians might attempt to preserve her legs.

Kelly experienced a decreased sensation in her ankles and feet as time passed. Numerous specialists examined her case, but nothing could pinpoint her illness. Due to the great size of the wounds and Ronahan’s incapacity to cease interfering with healing, the wounds refuse to heal.

 Doctors eventually suggested that Kelly ronahan amputation. One of her toes had fallen off at that point. After the operation. Kelly offered the following update: “I began physical therapy many hours after surgery.” I’m not interested in spending another summer again in bed; therefore, I’ll be working hard. Not going to lie; I weep around 20 times a day; I’m utterly crushed and stunned to the point of shittiness by this. It’s DIFFICULT.”

After her operation, Kelly’s social media postings steadily decreased. She intends to keep her fans apprised of her progress while she pursues prostheses, as she had previously disclosed.

Ronahan has been accused of fabricating ailments to get attention. Few individuals go as far as amputating their legs to gain internet notoriety by feigning illness. We cannot judge Kelly Ronahan; however, we hope she will recover from her tragedy and enjoy a happy life.


Is Kelly Ronahan alive? 

Yes, Kelly Ronahan is still alive. She just no longer has legs.

What happened to Kelly ronahan?

In July 2016. Kelly was taken to a hospital for seizures but was soon freed when physicians discovered she had lied.

What did Kelly Ronahan do to her legs?

According to a myth circulating on the Internet, Kelly injected excrement into her legs to create sepsis.

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