What is Custom Packaging? How it plays a role in your Business?


You’re thinking of customizing packaging for your company, but you don’t know what to do?

First, let’s look at whether custom packaging might be an appropriate option for your company.

Define Custom Packaging

As the name implies, custom packaging lets you make packaging specifically for your product instead of choosing a standard box that your product will be able to fit into.

Customized packaging takes complete control over your products’ presentation, protection, and quality.

It helps you ensure that the packaging you choose to use fits your product precisely and allows you to incorporate personal touches to help create a powerful brand identity and ultimately increase the sales of your product.

Define Stock Packaging

Stock packaging is a term used to describe ready-made packaging.

It’s cheaply mass-produced and is sold wholesale for the labels to be followed after


Many companies opt to go with standard packaging since it’s a low-cost option and, in most cases, will not affect their brand’s image.

Although this might sound appealing, the stock packaging provides the most limited possibilities for brand recognition.

The stock packaging usually comes in limited sizes and designs.

If you’re thinking about using stock packaging to meet your packaging requirements, bear your eyes on the fact that it might be the case that your competitor has had the same idea.

This makes it much harder to make your product stand out on shelves when your packaging is similar or has a similar design.

Customers will categorize your product and your competitor’s products as similar.

The products sold in stock packaging tend to be priced affordably and often equate to consumers as the lower option.

How Packaging is Crucial to Market your Business

According to research conducted by Rush Custom Boxes, 83% of people believe that when deciding on the products they want to purchase, the material often guides them to the packaging they’re packed in. It’s easy to find the stock packaging that’s found in supermarkets.

The majority of consumers think of items that come in stock packaging as a cheaper

an alternative which is why differentiation between brands is more difficult to attain.

If your competition is using standard packaging, and your product is categorized as being on the same level, even though you may have a price advantage.

The Advantages of Stock Packaging

As we mentioned earlier, packaging for the stock is the most economical way to package your goods.

Since they’re mass-produced, you can purchase packaging stocks in huge quantities, which are both time and cost-efficient.

Although generic packaging can have a story of its own as the cheaper option, certain products have succeeded exceptionally well by using stock packaging, particularly within the cosmetic industry.

It may be challenging to make your brand mark with the use of stock packaging, brands that are established and have solid customers are more likely to be positively affected by stock packaging options.

custom packaging boxes

Difference Between Custom Packaging and Stock Packaging

Custom packaging implies having complete control over the design of your product and making use of packaging to dress it up.

Customized packaging will ensure that your product packaging will fit your item like candy.

You also have total control over:

  • Box Style
  • Size Materials
  • Artwork
  • Printing
  • Finishes

This allows your brand to shine on the shelves and ensures the smooth operation of your supply chain.

While stock packaging is often the most economical way to package your product, it might not be the best choice for the safety of your product.

Making sure your products are happy and safe makes your customers satisfied and secure too!

Customizing your packaging gives personal touches to your products and appeals to new customers.

Based on Hootsuite, 59% of customers would like brands to establish an emotional connection with them.

Customized packaging allows you that speaks directly to your market segment, which is what will leave those who visit your Business with an unforgettable impression. This leads to that, in turn, your customers will be loyal to you.

A unique packaging design will allow you to stand out from many brands with the same characteristics.

What is the Reason behind the Importance of Custom Packaging for Businesses?


Packaging that matches the product you are selling perfectly reduces the possibility of damage to your product.

Stock packaging is always slightly oversized for the product you are selling, which leaves plenty of room for it to be moved about during distribution and shipping processes.

If you’re honest, finding the suitable packaging for your product exactly is like finding an item at a flea market that fits your hand exactly.

Custom packaging

gives you the chance to share your products extra attention and, in turn,

you’re treating your customers with tremendous respect!

With the precise measurement of the dimensions of your packaging boxes according to the size of your product and the structural design, your product will be in good condition and safe and available for customers to take pleasure in.

The quality of your product packaging is just the beginning of how the packaging you design protects your product.

Your choice of packaging materials plays a vital role in protecting your products!

The benefit of custom packaging is that it allows you to control your material.

The options are endless. Protection of your product should always be a top priority when looking at packaging solutions.

Branding Differentiation

Briefly mentioned, branding differentiation is a critical element of this competitive environment.

There are likely to be similar products to yours in the marketplace.

From the point of perspective, there is nothing different between your item and a competitor’s product as long as they are within the same packaging.

Consider the situation this way:

If you’re in the market at a store for window cleaning, you’ll choose the one that is the first to catch your attention because they all perform the same task.

Customers tend to be more attracted by products wrapped distinctively.

As per The Dieline, 63% of customers say they are willing to pay more for goods if satisfied with the packaging.

Your packaging’s uniqueness is not only a reflection of your product but also of your brand as well.

People are more aware and want to create an authentic connection to the brands they buy from. 78% of consumers agreed that they perceive a brand only on the packaging;


Branding is a crucial aspect of any business, and your packaging should be not an exception. Your packaging is an ambassador for your product and your brand as well.

This is why customizing packaging for your items is essential to establish the foundation of a solid brand story as well as credibility and identity that extends across all the channels of your Business which includes;

  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce Websites/Stores

Although separating yourself from the rest of your competition with personalized packaging is crucial, doing it effectively is essential.

Based on The Dieline, 69% of people agree that its packaging is just as important as the product itself.

Why is this?

As we’ve discussed previously, consumers are looking to build a bond with the brands they buy from.

You can develop a brand narrative that connects with your clients more personally with customized packaging.

Since custom packaging provides an almost limitless number of printing options, you’re capable of enhancing your brand’s story with your packaging by doing factors like:

  • Product Description
  • Graphic Design
  • Bar/QR
  • Codes
  • Informative Copywriting

Consider your packaging as a tool for communication instead of just the box.

Strengthening your brand’s story will allow you to establish credibility and trust as a business. This ultimately increases sales and brand authority.

How does Custom Packaging Benefits Businesses?

Brand Awareness

The most famous illustration of how packaging improves your Business is brand awareness.

The package in which you store your item is one of the simplest and most effective ways to showcase your product. Use it to create a form of marketing and help increase brand recognition.

You can present relevant information about your item, but you may also provide information about other products you sell.

There is a lot of competition, and you’ll need specific packaging created to convey your message.

Customized packaging lets you manage your brand’s image to your customers’ needs.

Social media is becoming increasingly important in establishing brand recognition; unique and appealing packaging can help you get your brand noticed via platforms like Instagram.

Particularly for new customers, the packaging is the first impression.

The more distinctive your packaging is, the more likely that prospective customers will upload unboxings of your products and that all starts with the packaging.

Draw Customers’ Attention

From the perspective of marketing, custom packaging is among the most important ways to draw your customers’ attention.

Even though having a fantastic and reliable product is vital for a company’s success; the packaging will be the final step towards raising your brand’s profile and increasing its credibility as a business.

With so many brands and products available so that customers can choose from, especially with COVID-19 and the e-commerce marketplace growing exponentially, choices are almost limitless.

When potential clients are looking for their light brown box in the common mailroom of the building, your package will stand out and create an immediate impression.

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