Who is Gary Owen and his kids? Short biography


We all like stand up comedies. They are humorous, they are fun to watch and mostly they shed light on current affairs in a humorous manner. Today we are going to talk about one of the best standup comedians Gary Owen. We will also discuss Gary Owen’s wife and kids.

Most of you already know Mr. Gary Owen, for some of you he would be your favorite standup comedian. Which is why it might interest you if you get to know him even more.

In around 1997 Gary Owen was featured on BET standup comedy and from that point onwards he started his career in the field of standup comedy. Also, their career for him had been quite fruitful. He appeared in many films namely;

  • Think like a man
  • Daddy day care
  • Meet the blacks

Gary’s wife Kenya Duke:

Gary Owen’s wife is Kenya Duke, and Gary has three kids from his wife Kenya Duke. Recently according to reports it has been stated that Gary and his wife are having a little trouble. So they might be getting divorced, as of 2021 his wife Kenya asked divorce from Gary. News also says that Kenya started demanding $44000 per month as a spouse support. Which started increasing fights among the couple and eventually Kenya filed divorce in 2021 March. They had been living together for almost 17 years.
Kenya Duke

Gary Owen Kids:

Gary and Kenya Duke have three children; their eldest child’s name is Emilio. Emilio turned 30 in January 2021. The next son is Austin who is 21 years old as of 2021. And finally their daughter namely Kennedy Owen who is just 19 years old and her birthday comes in July. Audience is very keen about what will happen to their children and how they will go on with their life after the separation of Gary and Kenya. Even though their children are not too young.

Emilio Toliver:

Emilio Toliver is the oldest child out of three. He is the son of Kenya Duke. However if you did not know he is a son from her previous marriage. But Gary Owen accepted him and both his parents Gary and Kenya love him. In one of his posts. He said that the son Emilio is like a package deal for him, and he did not mind him.
Emilio Toliver

Austin Owen:

Austin Owen is a middle child of Kenya and Gary. He enjoys the company of his father Gary very much. And also he never holds back from sharing his love on social media.
Austin Owen

Kennedy Owen:

Kennedy Owen is the only daughter of Gary and Kenya. She is just 19 years old she is very cute and also has been stated as a combative family member. She is more inclined towards her mother Kenya Duke.
Kennedy Owen

Kenya Duke’s statement:

Although the couple had been living together for quite a long time, they were happy and they have been together since 2003. But it seems that Kenya Duke has not been very happy with her marriage or something else happened. We do not know that. She has filed a divorce and even attacked Gary on one of her posts.

About her statement in court Kenya Duke says that she has no other choice than filing her husband Gary Owen. She has done that in order to get her spouse support from him. And just to remind you again she demands around $43k.

She also says that she left her job for Gary. As he wanted to be a comedian and if it was not for him, she would have been successful. She says that around 17 years ago she left her wonderful account manager job so that she could support him.

She also said that Gary is not keeping up with the mortgage he has to pay and neither is he considerate about bills fees and deposits, and as a result she is not able to put up with this behavior.

She also makes her point about Gary being the sole provider and he earning a good amount even during the time of Covid-19. So she does not see why Gary should not be giving the family the kind of support they need. Seems like Gary Owen’s wife and kids might not be together in future.

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Gary Owen and Kenya Duke now:

As of now Kenya Duke and Gary do not seem to be settling down the matter. It more seems like they will end their 17 years long relationship. Kenya Duke is also not taking things lightly. She once came across Gary’s post about a shirt printed with Bread winner’s word, and she became furious over this.

She even called the entertainer and said Gary has not supported his children and his wife. She also has filed against him and asked for child support. Whereas on the other hand Gary has a counter statement regarding he will not pay anything as their children are not kids. So why would they require child support cash and he is also right about it.

Facts about Gary Owen

Many people do not know that Gary was raised in a trailer park; these homes are for the people who want to maintain a low budget living style. He was born in July 1974 in Cincinnati Ohio. The trailer park was in Oxford.

Gary Owen has six siblings; he also has earned the title of funniest serviceman in the USA. People love his acts and his gestures. He got a chance in Comic view where he showed his standup comedy talent and it opened doors for him even for films.

Another amazing thing is that you can even find his DVDs at a cheaper price if you visit his official website. You will find the DVDs for as low as $5 bucks, and it is much cheaper if you compare it to retailer shop prices.

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