Wynton Harvey – A Celebrity Kid With Self-Made Identity


A few celebrity kids managed to go past being recognized by their parents. They worked hard for an identity of their own. Today, we are going to discuss one such personality, Wynton Harvey. He is the son of Steve Harvey, a popular name in every US household, but he earned valuable popularity for being a fashion model and photographer. 

Although being a celebrity kid still comes under his achievements, he did not depend entirely on it. Let’s get started with Wynton Harvey’s detailed biography. Keep reading as you may come across some exciting facts initially unknown to you.

Who is Wynton Harvey?

Wynton Harvey is a fashion enthusiast whose claim to fame is due to two significant reasons; his prosperous career at an early age and his father. Wynton’s father is a famous American comedian and TV anchor, Steve Harvey. However, he had no intentions of following his father’s footsteps, so he chose to become part of the fashion industry. 

He is currently pursuing his professional studies in photography and modeling. Wynton Harvey net worth is around $400 primary source being his career in the fashion industry.

Who is Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey Early Life 

Junior Harvey was born on 18th July 1997 to Steve Harvey and his second wife, Mary Lee. However, his parent’s relationship could not last long, and they divorced soon. He has seven stepsiblings who are also successful in their respective field. Wynton completed his early education at his hometown’s local institution. 

He discovered his love for photography and fashion designing at an early age. The son of Steve Harvey was only 11 years old when he used to capture random pictures and edit them. It is excellent to know that he continued his childhood passion as an adult. He is on the way to becoming a great professional photographer and model, pursuing his degree in the same field. 

Wynton Harvey Career 

Wynton’s love for fashion and photography made him pursue his love for the field professionally. After completing early education from a high school in his hometown, he enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta. 

In 2018, he took part in a photography exhibition where audiences loved and appreciated his art to the maximum. It proves that he can become one of the renowned photographers and fashion models in the US’s entertainment industry. He also sings well, which can be considered another skill under his book of talents. 

Wynton Harvey Net Worth 

Although Wynton is a celebrity kid, his net worth has nothing to do with his wealthy father. It is due to his struggles in the fashion industry that his current worth is $400. The way this guy is being successful, it is sure to predict that his wealth will rise high shortly. 

Once he finishes his degree, he can focus on his professional life more and earn double the money.  Many celebrity kids live off of their parent’s money and lack a personal identity. People recognize him for his profession besides being the son of a famous American personality.

Steve Harvey Son Wynton

Steve Harvey is famous in America as an anchor, RJ, actor, and writer. His side hustle includes running a successful business as well. He has been a part of several shows as an anchor who was the audience’s favorite. The Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, and Miss Universe Competition are a few examples.


Steve’s first wife was Marcia Harvey; they stayed together for 14 years, blessed with three children, before parting their ways in 1994. He then went on to marry Mary Lee, Wynton’s mother, but unfortunately, it did not last long. Steve has been married to Majorie Elaine now for 15 years. Wynton shares a peaceful bond with this stepmother. Although Steve Harvey son Wynton did not follow him career-wise, he inherited great moral values from his father. 

Steve Harvey Net Worth

Steve Harvey is currently the wealthiest entrepreneur in the USA. According to reports, his current bank balance is around $200 million. Wynton became an independent man despite having a rich father, which is worth appreciating.

Wynton Harvey Siblings

Steve Harvey married three times and has seven children in total. Wynton’s six siblings are:

  • Lori Harvey – She is a model by profession
  • Jason Harvey – He is a well-known designer 
  • Morgan Harvey – She is a professional chef and CEO of a game company 
  • Brandi Harvey – She is an executive and an activist 
  • Karli Harvey – She is an entrepreneur 
  • Broderick Harvey Jr. – He owns a clothing brand 

Wynton shares a perfect relationship with all despite them being stepsiblings. He posts several videos having fun with his uncle as well on his social media and has maintained a pretty peaceful relationship with his close ones.

Wynton Harvey Siblings

Wynton Harvey Personal Life 

Being a celebrity kid, Wynton has always kept his composure and was never involved in any controversy. He has been dating a journalist’s daughter since 2016, and they have kept their relationship low-key. His girlfriend’s parents are Ed Gordon and Taylor Gordon. Currently, they have no engagement or marriage plans as both are focusing on their careers to succeed in their respective fields.  

Wynton Harvey Personal Life 

Wynton Harvey Mother Arrest 

Did you know Wynton Harvey’s mother was arrested soon after her divorce from Steve Harvey? The court had granted custody of their son to Steve while Mary received 1.5 million dollars, three mansions, and a monthly payment of $ forty thousand. However, she accused Steve of abusing Wynton, which remained unproven. 

Wynton Harvey Mother Arrest 

Steve got a clean chit by the court, but Mary was arrested under the section of falsely accusing her ex-husband. Wynton lived all his life with his father and stepmother, Majorie Elaine. But he is equally close to his biological mother as well. 

Wynton Harvey Instagram 

Wynton Harvey has an Instagram account, @wyntonharvey, with 100k+  thousand followers. He frequently posts his aesthetic photos on the account. 

Wynton Harvey Age, Height, and Weight 

Wynton Harvey, a Texas-born, is currently 25 years old. He celebrates his birthday on 18th July every year.  His height is around 6.1 inches, while he weighs 62 kg and has dark-colored hair and black eyes. 

Final Thoughts

Wynton Harvey is an inspiration for youth. It is worth noting how he pursued his love for fashion and photography professionally. Moreover, forming an identity when a celebrity kid tag always accompanies him is worth appreciating. 

It means everyone can push the barriers that come in their way of success through hard work and dedication. Wynton, who would be happy being recognized as Steve Harvey’s son, did not settle for it. He went on to build his career on his own and is on his way to becoming a renowned photographer and model soon.


Q: Who is Wynton Harvey mother?

A: His mother is Mary Lee Harvey, an American nationalist who is a professional makeup artist and writer. She got divorced from Wynton’s father and has been living a life away from media since then. 

Wynton Harvey mother


Q: How old is Wynton Harvey?

A: He was born on 18th July 1997. Wynton Harvey age is 25 years old.

Q: Where is Wynton Harvey?

A: Wynton is currently focusing on his photography and modeling career in the fashion industry. He is studying arts at Savannah College of Atlanta as well.

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