Will Russia take over Ukraine? Troops surge Ukraine’s capital


Early Saturday Russian troops surged on Ukraine’s capital, sparking street fighting as city officials warned citizens to seek shelter. Smoke and flames could be seen rising above Kyiv as dawn broke, although it was unclear how far the forces had gone as the day progressed, and Ukrainian officials reported some success in repelling attacks, as a response of the Russian military in Ukraine.

In a video shot on a downtown street, Mr President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that he had not left the capital and that the prediction that the Ukrainian military would lay down guns was not true. Will Russia take over Ukraine? We do not know that yet. But let us check out the factual Ukraine Russia news.

 “We’re not going to lay down our arms.” “We will defend the country,” he declared. President Joe Biden signed an order on Friday authorizing up to $600 million in military aid to Ukraine under the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act.

Here’s where you can keep up with our in-depth coverage of the Russia-Ukraine situation. Residents and armed personnel in Kyiv take cover behind a truck as air raid sirens sounded across the capital early Saturday.

A huge hole in the side of a Kyiv high-rise was photographed, which a Ukrainian official claimed was caused by a Russian missile.

Explosions and gunfire were reported in Kyiv overnight. More than 48 hours after Russia assaulted Ukraine. In what officials termed as an assault by Russian forces.

The fire at the damaged building was put out Saturday. And the building was evacuated, according to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service.

The enemy is attempting to break into the city; warns Kyiv’s mayor

Russian troops attempting to invade Ukraine’s capital Kyiv were repelled. But other sabotage and reconnaissance squads were inside. According to the mayor of Kyiv on Saturday.

According to an NBC News translation, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a Telegram message Saturday morning. The night was terrible. But there are no Russian forces in the capital. The enemy is attempting to enter the city.

SRGs, or sabotage and reconnaissance units, were working in Kyiv, according to Klitschko. He said 35 individuals had been hurt as of 6 a.m., including two toddlers.

The Associated Press reported that officials in Kyiv urged civilians to seek cover and that street violence was taking place. According to a presidential adviser, Kyiv is still under Ukrainian authority. After a night of Russian attacks on cities, Ukraine’s capital remained within its control Saturday morning, according to a presidential adviser.

There is fighting on the outskirts of Kyiv and in Mariupol on the coast. But presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak says the situation is under control.

“We anticipated it was going to be a terrible night,” Podolak said, adding that Russian attempts to destabilize Ukrainian cities “FAILED.”

Zelenskyy, who had warned that Russian soldiers would launch a “full-scale storm” on Kyiv, tweeted a video of himself standing in front of what seemed to be a building near the presidential office on Saturday morning. He said, “I’m here.”

Zelenskyy refuted what he called “false evacuation reports.” According to an NBC News translation, he said in the video, “We won’t put down our weapons, we will safeguard our country.”

Biden signs a bill authorizing up to $600 million for Ukraine

President Joe Biden signed an order on Friday providing up to $600 million in military aid to Ukraine as the country tries to avert a Russian destructive attack. The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 empowers the Secretary of State to determine the aid, according to the memo.  Since the Russian military in Ukraine is attacking, it is time for aid assistance.

Biden signs a bill authorizing

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Which began Thursday morning local time. Has been condemned by Biden and members of his administration. 
  • Biden had vowed financial assistance to Ukraine. If it was attacked by Russia and the United States. European Union and Canada have all imposed penalties.
  • Overnight, explosions were reported in Kyiv, and video captured fighting near the Kyiv Zoo.  On Saturday, smoke and flames rose in Kyiv as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued.

Russian attacks were repelled in cities

According to authorities in various regions and cities across Ukraine. Russian strikes were repelled on Saturday. Vasylkiv’s mayor, Natalia Balasynovych, said the city. Which is south of Kyiv is still under Ukrainian military control following a Russian bombardment.

Russian paratroopers landed with parachutes in our community’s fields, forests, and villages. She added in Telegram messages, according to an NBC translation. “There were brawls, and the street was ablaze. They hoped to take our airstrip and use it to deploy their forces. But our 40th Brigade was strong enough to repel the attack.”

There is street violence going on

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is street violence mounting and residents were warned to stay in shelters, avoid walking near windows or balconies and take steps to prevent being hit by debris or gunfire, according to the warning issued Saturday.

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, Twitter and Meta Company have put their ads on hold. In the wake of Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine, social media giants Twitter and Meta suspended certain advertising on their services on Friday.

Each company’s reasons for rejection, which has an impact on advertising. Which has become a major revenue generator for the platforms, were varied.

Twitter has halted ad serving in Ukraine and Russia, citing the need to “ensure essential public safety information gets elevated and ads do not detract from it.”

The San Francisco-based company said it was policing “platform manipulation” and misleading accounts. As well as monitoring vulnerable high-profile accounts. Such as those belonging to government officials and journalists.

“To mitigate any attempts at a targeted takeover or manipulation,” according to a statement released in Russian. He added the platform will keep an eye on the intrusion. And take “further steps” that would be published later.

Is Russia planning on invading Ukraine in early 2022?

Russia has invaded Ukraine with a full-force attack and as a result. There is a war going on between these two countries. We can infer Russia must have been planning on invading Ukraine in early 2022.

This did not happen suddenly. As Russia also states that they planned on taking Ukraine by force. But they are also surprised by the retaliation of the Ukrainian force.

Russia take over Ukraine

What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian?

There are many differences between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is 1 hour behind Russia. Also, there are many other differences such as; language, alphabet. However; there is some history that puts these two nations together. They share a somewhat common history.

Will Joe Biden save Ukrainians if Putin decides to invade?

The US president has signed to give assistance to Ukraine as they had signed the document. He is giving away $600 million for Ukraine. He signed the bill on Friday. However; he is not sending any troops to help Ukraine. He further has said that he will send troops to Ukraine but to only save the US citizens.

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