1000 Lb Sisters: Know Everything About Tammy Salton


Tammy Salton has been a big sensation for both social media and the TV industry. If you have not heard of Tammy Salton, then this article will surprise you with different facts about her.
Tammy Salton has tried to lose her weight in 1000 pound sisters, and she has been keeping up with this for quite a long time. And even her fans and people who watch this show have become curious enough to know how she is doing.

Recovered from Covid 19:

She has been fighting with this weight loss thing for several years now. She also has faced a lot, she suffered from Covid 19 and recovered from that, and she also has been a part of rehab. In this article, we will try to cover everything about her. And we will also see how she is doing today.

Fans have been hooked and they were quite concerned about the health of Tammy Salton. Before this thing, Tammy along with her sister had her own reality series. Not only Salton but also her sister faced some grave complications such as life-threatening. And if we talk about Tammy Salton health, then she also has faced fata life problems. One of the issues was that she had a blood clot formed in her lungs.

She also had serious cases of pneumonia, and her sister Amy even started a Go Fund Me charity for her sister Tammy Salton, and that fund was for her funeral procedures. After recovering from the severe illness both sisters uplifted themselves and thought they must reduce their weight. That is where they started 1000 lb sisters season 1.

Amy qualifies for bariatric surgery:

Amy however, made good progress and she lost enough weight. She qualified for bariatric surgery too. And news that fascinated the viewers was that she even got pregnant, and now she has a son namely Gage. Unfortunately, we will not say that Tammy got lucky enough to enjoy the same.
She did not see as exact results as her sister Amy. Instead, Tammy had to suffer from the Covid-19 virus. She contracted the virus, but luckily she is doing better and she survived this fatal virus. Her October 5th post shows that she still has to use the breathing tube.

Tammy Salton Rehabilitation:

Tammy took initiative and signed herself for rehabilitation. This was a great thing done by her. This was because Tammy thought it is better if she does something about her food addiction. She does want to lose some weight. And without overcoming her food addiction she cannot do it.
So, she signed herself for the rehabilitation center in the spring. Tammy’s weight was around 689 and she aimed to lose 100 pounds and stay in rehab until she accomplished her goal. But she left the rehabilitation center only when she lost 60 pounds. This was not happy news for her family nor for the fans.

Left after 8 weeks:

She left the rehab center after 8 weeks, she was running 40 pounds behind from achieving the objective and she would complete it too. She lost 60 pounds; she could lose 40 more too. Her fans also felt disappointed in her that she did not achieve her weight loss goal.
This major reason also disappoints fans that she might not want to go for any change in her life since she did not show any passion or was not zealous enough to stay consistent with her weight losing commitments. Now she may really need to convince her fans that she will lose her weight.
In the season 3 they showed she had left home to get treatment for her food addiction. And season 3 has now ended too. Her fans cannot wait to know how much weight she has lost. Just like her sister went to bariatric surgery to sustain a healthy weight.

Setback in Tammy Salton’s life:

Tammy Salton has also experienced setbacks in her life, this was in season 2. She disclosed about her boyfriend. She mentioned Jerry Sykes, they said he was secretly giving Tammy the kind of food which is not healthy for her. Also, her brother Chris comb said that Jerry

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Sykes has a desire for overweight women. She ended her relationship with Jerry Sykes and then went to rehab.

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Her plans did not go accordingly:

But we know that did not go according to plan as she did not stay there for a very long time, and came back before achieving her goal. Also, she has not shared anything on social media regarding her weight, but her fans think that she may have gained some weight.
The good news is that now she does not have to always put the breathing tube in, before that she had to put the tubes in her nose in order to breathe fine, but now she is doing better than before. Tammy thinks that she can overcome her weight even if she stays at home because she has learned enough how to reduce weight in rehab centers.

Fan reaction on 1000 lb sisters:

She also created some videos which she posted on her social media. Those videos were light-hearted and her fans tell that she is not taking things seriously. And some of her fans say that they are also quite amazed to see that she is acting normal.
This is very different from a person who faces tracheotomy and still does not feel serious about it. These kinds of comments were also seen on Reddit. After she was released from the rehab centre, she had another video published that said that she might be moving to another rehab centre so that she can get her strength all over again.
The camera angle was not quite zoomed out, so it is rather very difficult to tell where she is. However; she is not in the hospital anymore, which is good news for everyone.

Some words from Amy and Tammy

Tammy Salton has again married, and she also confesses it. She had made it quite clear in one of her interviews that she had left her boyfriend, namely Phillip. He was just introduced by her. And that clip was taken from the TLC series. Moreover; her sister Amy also showed that she did not feel happy about the relationship as she showed anxiety.

According to the news, her sister Amy said that she was trying to convince or rather motivate Tammy about Phillip, as she had some doubts about him. She said she has some worries about Phillip. Amy also said that Phillip loves big women but on the other hand Tammy needs to lose this weight, which is not healthy for her.

If we talk about her boyfriend Phillip, he before talked about a larger woman, he also stated that he might not even date anyone who is below 300 pounds. Now god knows what has come over his mind to say that. But this weight is not really healthy. And especially in the case of Amy Salton, she needs to lose it as soon as possible.

So, when Phillip made this statement over the internet, it made Amy worried about it, and it makes sense too. She thought that Phillip is not going to support Amy in her weight loss journey, which is somewhat true as he said so. And now they both have broken up, Amy is happy as this will help her sister to achieve her goals.

On the other hand, Tammy said we broke up, she means her and Phillip. She also explains that she did that, and the reason she told was that she could not keep up with how they kept fighting. She said that got tired of fighting with him over and over. She also stated that Phillip tells me that I am quite insecure, and this is my problem. Even though in the beginning I told him if he can help me get over my insecurity issues, he promised but did not keep it.

Remarks from Tammy Salton:

She also added in her interview that it is quite easy to trust people. And she admits that it is one of the reasons for her downfall. She states that in the end she gets hurt badly, and this is because she trusts too much. Amy also suggested breaking with him as Tammy needed betterment in her life.

1000 Lb sisters Tammy Salton

As of now, her doctor gave her a weight loss goal of 25lbs, and Tammy says that she will not be around anyone who does not want her to lose weight. She seems quite determined about it and her fans are also happy to know she has finally made up her mind to get up and improve the quality of her life.
This break-up, if it was for good. Then Tammy should not be worried about it, she will get over it and will be better in her life. And also thanks to Amy and other people who motivated her to stay on the right path.

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